A ‘Heart & Soul’ on Vacation!

I have never seen a spokesperson for the 1% whom isn’t saying the following:

‘You want to take my money and give it to the poor!’ , they always think that the 99% want a ‘Free Lunch’!

Listen closely to what Paul Ryan Speaker of the United States House of Representatives is not saying; in his subconscious he has this deep believe that pops out in all of his arguments ‘State is there to protect the ‘Saint Rich’ from the ‘Satanic Poor’,  his role in the American life is much similar to that of the ‘Permanent Members of the UN’ with the ‘Veto Power’; he is there with a ‘Big No’ for anything that is of benefit to the less privileged American people.


Then we have another breed of our brothers and sisters in humanity like Yaron Brook the executive chairman of Ayn Rand Institute, I don’t know  why but listening to him brings to my mind the ugly horrific ‘GHETTO ‘ experience that was unjustly and criminally exercised against the ‘Jews’ and those that were regarded as inferior/beneath than the rest, he advocates for ‘Special Institutions’ run by those who see themselves as better than the rest; ‘The 1%’ where they will be taking care of those they describe as ‘Unable To Take Care of Themselves!’



Even when automation isn’t a reality yet, the world is suffering from high rates of unemployment, so by the time we reach that point where machines take the jobs of humans that means that billions and billions of humans will be placed in ‘ GHETTO’s’ supervised by the 1%!







Which life & soul would you save?!

Dennis Prager says 2/3 of American’s when asked this question their answer is quite horrifying!

The question is as following:

If your dog and a person you don’t know are drowning whom would you save?!

2/3 of Americans say they would save their dog, because the person is unknown to them!

If this is the criteria people use or apply when helping and assisting others, indeed then a dark future is awaiting HUMANITY!

Maybe it’s not just an American answer but it’s a universal one, & everyone will go for saving the dog!

Why can’t we just save everything that needs saving without picking & preferring one soul & life over the other?!



Why can’t all lives be saved?!

Experts, The Nero’s of Yesterday & Today

Nero is the Emperor whom is accused of being behind the burn of Rome. The world that we live in today is from the invention and making of experts who are/were the masterminds of every policy that is/was taken by a head of state and top official here and there, and boy,  what did we inherit?!

There isn’t one citizen in this world whom isn’t walking within their own country and not shedding tears and crying over the GLORIOUS OLD DAYS OF THEIR COUNTRY!

Who is responsible for SUCH RUIN?!


They play with all officials like one plays with a ‘Yo- yo’ , they toss and throw them in all directions, sending them to fight on all fronts till they are worn out, broke and destroyed. It’s like a person who went on a vengeance crusade, and what do they tell such man before he’s out DIG TWO GRAVES, ONE FOR YOU,  AND ANOTHER FOR YOUR ENEMY.’, but experts hide the downside/negative elements of any advice they give to officials, they only exaggerate the benefits and gains.

Worst thing about them is that they don’t even amount to that penny you were saving to aid you in the rainy day, when things go very bad/blue, they will just clean their hands of all the horrors and catastrophes that they have lead you into, and when it’s a time where remorse isn’t of any use, you will discover that you were following the advice of ‘NERO’ all along,  and that with your own hands you have assassinated/killed/destroyed ‘THE APPLE OF YOUR EYES/WORK OF YOUR LIFE!’ 


Just look at the UN, did it fulfill the purpose it was created for?!
Let’s stop listening to experts, let’s truly connect to the goodness in us, to the humane side in us, let’s live by the rule:DO ONLY GOOD, & DO NO EVIL, if we only do this the world will change for the better.



We are mega rich & well fed men

To the point we developed huge bellies & butts like females

When moving around we watch our shade in admiration

We are so mesmerized by it

We shake our butts in fascination & transformation

We don’t care how many assaulted you

What was done to you by many men

Your trauma, pain, hurt, harm or abuse

We think you are still functioning

Few of us can make use of what you got.

We don’t want strong/solid commitment

Something temporary will do

Why do you think we made you poor?

Why do you think we kept you single till your thirties?

& if it happens that there will be a child by error from fucking you

We’ll help you get rid of it

& if we fail to do so;

No worries there’s SHORTAGE in the market & we can make use of another VAGINA OR ANUS.

We are always looking for our next victim & prey

The Hungry Are Coming For You!

Yeah, if not today then tomorrow.

When you push aside the more pressing issues of your people and hesitate in solving them, when you leave your space and place empty, someone/some group, will come and fill the vacuum, they will represent themselves as the SAVIOR,  as the problem solvers, as the rock, and people will buy it! Someone with a plan, who doesn’t carry your interest at heart will take your place.


People will not question the ideology, motive, believe, attitude, they will only look and turn to the person who will unlock the doors for them regardless of whom that person is, because NEED & HUNGER ARE BLIND!


When you are spending your vacation in Hawaii, party in Virgin Islands, fuck your wife on Mars, then have your baby delivered on the moon, somewhere someone is eating from trash, an aged person has left their home sat in the cafe due to lack of warmth, when we have queue after queue of people waiting to be handed bread, others dying in the sea, war, some selling their bodies, organs or kids, or killing themselves, and you expect that there will be no rage, no revolution, no consequence, you are then fooling yourself, and reality and history has never been kind to those who blind their eyes from the truth.


3 trillion dollars or pounds sitting in a bank account by your name, how many lives will you need or for how long will you live to spend all that amount?!



UK Wants What the US Has Got!

So UK has decided to include ‘Ayn Rand’ to the syllabus of their A- Level students.

Mrs. Rand books and school of thought is regarded as the ‘Bible’ that guides many of the great minds within both the ‘Business & Technology’ sectors, as well as many politicians within the west, and particularly in the United States. But one has to ask why is the UK doing this?! It’s quite obvious; UK wants its own ‘Silicon Valley & Wall Street’, desires to become the center of innovation and wealth, and the way to do that, is to trace back what shaped the thinking and behaviour of the minds behind such phenomena’s; Ayn Rand’s philosophy, so better to prepare the younger minds of the future leaders of tomorrow and to equip and arm them with an arsenal of her thoughts!

Rand’s core idea in regards to her philosophy lies in ‘Self Interest’, which in order to make it somewhat ethical in the eyes of the audience she had described it as ‘Rational Self Interest’, the only thing that one should care about is their own interest. Ayn Rand stands firm beside the philosophy of ‘Adam Smith’.

One more thing about Rand’s philosophy; she firmly believes that ‘Government’ should have less role, and boils down that role to providing ‘Protection & Security’ , one needs to ask then ‘Protection & Security’ for whom and what for?!

Rand is the engine that drives the minds behind the tech and business industry that are thinking now of ways to finally get rid once and for all from the human age labour to robot age labour!

Mrs. Rand has produced a movement and type of thinking that glorifies being ‘Selfish and Unjust’, imagine if those she had assigned as the providers of ‘Protection and Security’ for the millionaires if they too say: their ‘Self Interest’ doesn’t lie in taking the role of the bodyguards of the rich?! Since as per her philosophy, we are all after our individualistic interests! What if the providers of ‘Protection and Security’ just decide that they will not sacrifice their lives for the others?!

In Ayn Rand’s world survival has only to be to the fittest, the rest should just vanish, and you shouldn’t bother yourself of what is happening or going to happen to them, you should only care about your ‘Self Interest’ and never sacrifice yourself for others!

Is Ayn Rand philosophy the only door and path to innovation and wealth, and if so, what will be the implications and impacts on such societies that adopt her way of thinking?

What are the costs of ‘Randism’?






Masters of Criminality & Witchcraft


Can’t make sense of what’s going on!

I look into her ugly face, that because of the many ills & evils she did to me is getting uglier. She can’t bear the sight of me, how can she, or any of them, I remind her, them , everyday of all the horrors she/they did to me, that they all keep doing, & keep praying to be forgiven & won’t be,  & I won’t forget nor forgive.

I look at her then remember all her crimes,  that the criminals from all walks of life & religions who have made them rich & support them on committing all atrocities against me have made throughout the years.

She talks, & I say,  how could her religion & the God she worships if she truly loves him allow her to be like this & do all of this to me, how could she go on doing all that she’s doing to me?! Or any of the other people?!

What happens/happened to me:

1-Rent a room in the city & leave us, how when I am unemployed? When for years they are preventing me from getting a job? How will I pay for the room & for living?(Via vagina transactions?!), how very religious & ethical!

2- Beat her, finish her, then everyone joins forces to do whatever evil they can!

3-Give her everything that can make her ill, to the point that I’s given something that caused skin disease.

4-Harass, abuse, irritate her everywhere, stop her from going to university, shop, outside of home & to everywhere.

5-After beating her, threaten that its time to take her to the ‘Mental Asylum’!

6-Tell her because she loves ‘Penises’ she will be locked in a place where she will get plenty of them in many ways!

7-Accuse her that every man that has ever assaulted her was her victim instead,  & say she’s the one who seduced, harassed, abused, harmed,  & assaulted all of them.

8- Let your kids & everyone who knows you,  say & do to her anything evil & ill.

9-Accuse her that she was having affairs & was a prostitute all the time she’s away during her scholarship!(I’s told that I did nothing but fucking men & being fucked by men & whomever during all the period of my scholarship!)

10-Deny that she had been helping, working & aiding you all her life!

11-Am told ‘Dying is better than your life. You don’t have a life,  you should die.’

12-You deserve all kinds of harm/abuse/assault/harassment/damage that happened & is happening  to you

13-You only got madness, & nothing will ever change for you

14-Force her to interact with people who will   hurt/harm/abuse/assault/harass/& damage her

15-& so many other crimes.

Of all people am the one whom instead of thinking & planning for something great, I live under the mercy of the greatest criminal & her allies, thinking about what will they do today to me!

Only the ones allowed to shine are the ones she had helped via witchcraft & criminality. My success is no big deal, did she ever plan for me to succeed?!  NO, nor did her Western & other Muslim friends wanted such thing, am not like her sweethearts whom when they are frightened to go to the exam, then they go to the witchcraft practitioner to help them be bold!

What is happening?! Why is this happening to me all those years until now?!

Market is desperate for vagina, is it so Muslims? & their other friends from other religions?!

Who assigned this crazy criminal & those behind them to do this to me every five minutes?!
What kind of God do they worship?!
Of course when you, & many allies of yours had been doing criminal & evil things to someone for +30 yrs, you want to
Make them poor
Kick them out of your shitty home
Drug them, say they are mad & needs to be locked in a mental house so you keep doing what you always did to them!
Something is eating the criminals,
What do you want from someone who is disabled & unemployed?!
& you keep doing ill & evil to them , & say to them the owners of the house the roof above your head will be arriving you better figure out a solution?! Where should they be going?!

Imagine telling a disabled & unemployed girl to go rent a room in the city?!

Who wants me so desperately alone & poor?
What do they want to do to me?
What they kept doing for 30 yrs,  & why they then have thrown you from the 7th floor.

In 2009 days before my accident, I woke up, I found 3 men fighting in my room, couldn’t talk or move, was drugged.
Same kind of men want to harm me. They want to do over & over again what they did to me for 30 years.