Be You

The most important thing on earth is to feel incredibly comfortable in your own skin, you don’t fake anything or as the saying goes ‘FAKE IT UNTIL YOU BECOME IT’, no there’s no fake you, people will always get ONE YOU all the time, the essence of all this comes from that you never possess two or multiple personalities, the real you(That nobody but you knows & never sees), then the many other masks you wear; the other ‘YOU’s’ you exhibit to impress others.  Ask yourself,  WHEN ALONE DO YOU LIKE YOU?!


Be you & never fake anything, the right people for you will find their way to YOU,  & LOVE  YOU FOR BEING YOU.



I Love You & Thanks

My followers, the +200 beautiful amazing souls & exceptionally talented human beings, my friends, my tribe , my WordPress family I love you so much & thanks for the support, though I would have liked to hear what you have to say about my writings! Your idea’s, corrections, suggestions, your take on what I write, where I might had gone wrong & so on.

But thanks & here’s a beautiful song that I came across to express to you how much I appreciate all the love & support.

Your contributions, writings, art, talents, & efforts is what makes life colorful, meaningful, & beautiful. Combined all those humanly contributions lights our planet & lifts it up.

Your are beautiful all of you.

Thanks a million times & bless you.