Have You Been Updating Your Soul Lately?

 By: Samiyah J. Hassan

Every now and then the devices that you use send you an alert with the following message:


‘There are important updates that are urgently needed to upgrade your device’, the people behind creating your device made sure that from time to time in order for your device to function and operate effectively and efficiently 100% it must be updated.


In my opinion the soul and the human begin are in desperate need for such care and attention via constantly ‘Updates’ done to them.


Some go for shallow updates, changes made on the surface, they catch the eye, and make everyone talk, and some do whatever they can at whatever cost to remain forever under the spotlight. Their updates involve; making new maintenance for the house, buying furniture or a new home, moving to another state, country, purchasing vehicles, jewellery, makeup, going on vacation, but they neglect the real work; the ‘UPDATES’ that will enable the soul and humans to function in the way they were designed to operate in by their creator. Chase your dreams, do whatever you can ethically and legally to have a live that makes you proud of you, celebrates your humanity and dignity, and never neglect the INSIDE OF YOU.


If the men behind the creation of machines have stated that ‘Updates’ is the name of the game for the full function of such devices, the lord and creator of everything also designed his creations with a more sophisticated form of updates for the soul and humans, so what type of updates have you been doing lately to rejuvenate the soul? Is it real deep work that extends to your core and produce real, last and meaningful transformations or is/was it fake superficial work that is meant to deceive others while hiding lethal flaws that may lead you and others into astray?

Inside you is the greatest temple, work on it and clear it of all mess and chaos, if the temple inside you is in order and beautiful not only will benefit you, but every soul and creature that comes across you, DO THE WORK GIVE IT ALL YOUR MIGHT, DO THE VITAL & NECESSARY UPDATES. DO IT NOW.



الاشعث الاغبر المدفوع على الأبواب

ودى اليوم أشارك معكم أحداث حقيقية حدثت لواحدة من أولئك الطيبين الذين وصفهم الرسول صلى الله عليه و سلم ب (الاشعث الاغبر المدفوع على الأبواب، الذى ان أقسم على الله لابره)، فتاة مسلمة ما حدث فى حياتها غاية فى الألم و الظلم،  يشبه الروايات البوليسية

اغتصبت مرات عدة، و رأت صنوف و الوان من العذاب و الابتلاء.

الفتاة المسلمة الضحية وجدت يوما ما فى التلفاز رجل يضحك كالمجانين هو الشيخ حازم اسماعيل يصف حادث مشابه لحادثها ثم يقول لتلك الضحية المغتصبة التى ربما لا يعرف الأبعاد وراء ما حصل لها، الرجل قال يا ريت عندما وقعتى من الدور العاشر تركت الحبل الذى تمسكت به كى لا تموتى و موتى و خلصتينا! من كان يا يريد ان يتخلص منها هو أدرى، الفتاة أسرتها فى نفسها كما فعل سيدنا يوسف الذى تخلص منه الظالمين، ثم يا لا العجب، شهور مرت ثم ألقى بحزام اسماعيل فى السجن!

هذه الفتاة أيضا فى بيتها تعذب ليل نهار من الجميع، و حتى مسلمى بلدها و اخرون يفعلون بها الشرور، فى احد الأيام أغلق عليها باب غرفتها و لم تستطع فتحه فطلبت من احدهم مساعدتها ثم قالت له لا يهم انا صليت و متؤضية، اهم شىء انى على وضوء كى أصلى، ثم قامت تحاول مرة أخرى فتح الباب، يا سبحان الله الباب الذى كان لا يمكن فتحه ربنا فتحه من عنده.

الفتاة منعت من العمل عن طريق شيوخ اشرار كحازم اسماعيل و اخرين مسلمين  و غير مسلمين  كمن اغتصبها و رموها من الدور السابع

جهازها الكمبيوتر الخاص بها تعطل و لا تملك مال لتشترى اخر،  فقالت داعية ربها يا رب بحق جاه النبى صلحه لى و لا تفرح الاعادى فى، فى دقائق الله اجاب دعوتها و انصلح من تلقاء نفسه، طوبى لأولئك الشعث الغبر المدفوعين على الأبواب الذين ليس لهم الا الله.

الرجل الساقط

قل لى من صديقك أقل لك من أنت.

بعض الرجال حالهم مع النساء كالتالى (أنبسط تنجحى)!

أصبحنا لعبة الساقطين، بتنا الشغل الشاغل لرجال ساقطين، أصدقاءهم كالتالى،(صديق ينام مع طلابه، و اخر ينام مع موظيفيه!)

لست هنا على ظهر الارض كى أرفه عنك، أو ان أقبل بعفنك و نجاستك،  تستكثر علينا ان يكون لنا فكر و رأى علشان لم نعطيك الجزية (الذهاب الى سرير رجل ساقط و ديوث)،  هناك من بنات حواء نساء تحلل، و تكتب و تتكلم فى السياسة و يؤخذ برأيها (رغدة درغام) مثلا؟

الفرق بينى و بينك هائل، بيننا بون شاسع يا من يظن أنى قد أرضى بنصف حياة، و بأخلاق عفنة و شخصية مكانها مكب النفايات،  ربما يوما ما أيها الرجل الساقط، فى مكان ما، استغللت  و خدعت امرأه مكسورة الجناح، لم تعرف قيمة نفسها، و لم تقم وزنا لاحلامها، قلت لها أيها الرجل الساقط أنها بحاجة الى تدريب و سنوات طويلة من الخبرة كى تصل الى القمة، لكنك تستطيع ان تقصر المسافة عليها، و بين عشية و ضحاها يمكنها ان تصل الى القمة، بعت لها الوهم، و كنت فى حياتها كابليس حينما قال لأدم ( يا آدم هل أدلك على شجرة الخلد وملك لا يبلى)، فى ستين الداهية الخلد و الملك الذى يأتى عن طريق بيع المرء لنفسه، لست كمن غررت بهن، فعلا أيها الرجل الساقط عديم الشرف لا يبالى بشرف و كرامة الاخرين.

Which life & soul would you save?!

Dennis Prager says 2/3 of American’s when asked this question their answer is quite horrifying!

The question is as following:

If your dog and a person you don’t know are drowning whom would you save?!

2/3 of Americans say they would save their dog, because the person is unknown to them!

If this is the criteria people use or apply when helping and assisting others, indeed then a dark future is awaiting HUMANITY!

Maybe it’s not just an American answer but it’s a universal one, & everyone will go for saving the dog!

Why can’t we just save everything that needs saving without picking & preferring one soul & life over the other?!



Why can’t all lives be saved?!

80’s & The Illuminati


80 E£


( Why are all those 80’s here?!)

Ask them I don’t know?!



1990’s – 2001

What has life done to them?

They resemble skeletons




There’s a tale about a man by the name ‘Abdirahman’ who changes $20 to $100 just by throwing them at your feet! There’s a ‘Sahra’ who was his guardian.







Dysfunctional Family

Work inside & outside home


Did all the hard-work pay off?!




At a training,

They say:

Tell her we know what’s on her mind & what she thinks of

She writes something on a paper

& then they say:

We’ll make you crazy

They read the exact words she had written in the paper!





They are all ‘Semi human’ .

She had rosy dreams, thought she’ll land over the moon,

Tells a man she’ll go to Germany & will help him, his family & everyone

He laughs & says ‘No You Won’t Go There!’

He knew it, oh, he wasn’t the only one

The ‘HIT PEOPLE’ knew better too

One week from her arrival all girls bully & beat her in unison

She’s one & they were many

They had strange poisonous hate in their hearts

& thought they found the perfect time to take their vengeance on her

Just like they did back at the country when each one came to her neighborhood & made fights with her,

But at that time she stood up & defeated each one of them

An envious friend makes her fall on her head from a bus

Same girl that makes A DOG BITE HER

Then she runs & brings her a cold ‘Coca Cola’!

She asks her am hurting how can the cold Coca Cola’ help me?!

Men who work for a very big famous bank then took her & others to a visit to the Pyramids in Cairo,

Down to the grave of Pharaoh

& then to have lunch at a restaurant in Dokki

Near her childhood school,


At the time she had no memory where they were!

She’s unaware

& all seemed like a beautiful trip!

Now she remembers!

But what was behind all this?!




Lots of evil/ill/crimes/harm/abuse/violence/assaults were done to her.

It didn’t stop there it all continued.





Assassination failed, & she came back crippled.

‘HIT PEOPLE’ are still really pissed off.

They assigned the ‘Evil Guardian’s’ to make her life a living hell.

Lots of evil/ill/crimes/harm/abuse/violence/assaults were done to her.

It didn’t stop there it all continued.





Nothing is left from them as humans,

She now knows who they are,

& nothing is left of him as a man,

The man who knew she’ll never go to ‘ Deutschland ‘ !



Everyone was paid, got their wishes & dreams fulfilled, except her,


Even her innocence,

They took it




Bruised soul


Lots of evils were what they left for her

& horrible/heinous/hideous crimes were done to her

Lots of evil/ill/crimes/harm/abuse/violence/assaults were done to her.

It didn’t stop there it all continued,

& the CANNIBALS still want to eat what is left of her.


Let them pray,

They know what they did,

& their sins won’t be ‘FORGOTTEN NOR FORGIVEN’



Praising Prophet Muhammed ‘PBUH’

As I was listening to this couldn’t stop myself from noticing that to some extent there’s a moderate form of Islam in countries like (Iraq, Syria & Libya), what has happened to them now?! & what type & version of Islam will emerge there?!

& please don’t assume this as if am defending (Saddam, Bashar & Gaddafi) am just discussing the nature of things!

Do you know that there’s some sort of argument of whether it’s okay or not to make such  types of praise to Prophet Mohammed ‘PBUH’, Muslims are arguing among themselves if it is okay or not to make such types of praises!

Anyway, enjoy the beautiful nasheed.



لبس أفخم ما لديه، و أكثرها غلاء


نظر فى المراة


أعجبه ما راه فيها

غادر منزله

لم يبالى حتى بان يلقى التحية على صغاره أو زوجه

أستقل سيارته كى يلقى صحبه

فى المجلس الكل القى عليه التحية

بعد برهة

هال الجميع ما وصل الى أنوفهم

غادروا المجلس الواحد تلو الاخر

و قبل خروجهم،  ينظر اليه كل واحد و يلقى عليه نظرة قرف

أصاب وسيم الهلع، ثم رفع ذراعه كى يشم تحت إبطه، كاد يغمى عليه، هو مصدر الرائحة

رائحة نتنة تغلفه، لا يدرى من أين جاءت، فقد أغتسل، ثم تعطر بأثمن الطيب و أجوده

ثم ما لبث ان تذكر

فقد سرق مال هذا

سفك دم هذا

زنى بهذه و تلك

ظلم، تجبر، تكبر، أفسد، و علا و بغى فى الارض

‘وسيم فى العلن القاضى، العابد، القانت، الصائم، التقى، الورع،  لكنه فى السر يقول لابليس ’قم حتى أجلس مكانك