Hannah Arendt And The Banality Of Evil (Podcast)


Never Forget

Something  is happening to us,  all the horrors that the elite committed seems to be slowly being washed away by all sorts of things(Media, education, food & society), we need to never forget the horrors that shattered the world, destroyed countries & led to the death of millions of innocent souls around the globe. They gave power to the forces of darkness & monstrous  beasts around the globe.

Have you ever wondered why Condi & also Hillary Clinton had young Jewish advisers around them while they’re committing horrors around the world, how did their conscience allow them to participate in such evil, when the same have happened to their people by Hitler & others throughout history?

Justice must be brought to the victims.


You’ll escape SWAMP Nations & their Creatures

The nations & their evil creatures who raped us, violated us, broke us, harm, bully, abuse, intimidate us, sexually, verbally, mentally, psychologically torture us, disabled us, injured us, traumatized us, make fake stories of us, drug us, use violence against us, till this day, don’t determine who we’re