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Cycles Of Evil

Four cats died one after the other, she then said the evil that was aimed and being wished on for my family is gone with them, don’t you think people who say such things are extremely dangerous monsters?  All whom aren’t powerful has the lord to defend them.


You see your relative riding with police who seem to bully her saying her dad is seriously ill in a certain hospital? He dies & you end living near that hospital. With all what happens in your life, all evil you think what’s happening here?


When a famous American TV presenter & her ilk whom her father had made millions of people worldwide die stands up for you & attack a raped, disabled, battered & violence female victim that raises a lot of questions around you. Why would she attack a girl who went through many kinds of evil, harassment, violence & horror?

Commit suicide that the one thing MEGA CRIMINALS keep saying to me. Nothing worse than being surrounded by monsters who have silenced any questioning that arises from heart, mind & soul by all means. Not only that all kinds of criminals are on their side even many rich corrupt monsters.

Imagine Muslim cops in this country chase me & say to me we gonna fuck you? All my life seen many kinds of evil. When will they leave me alone? Everyone got what they wanted out of life, me on the other hand the work I did for +30 years was brought down, I was raped, disabled, made poor, harassed, was given many sorts of injuries, bullied, abused, violence been committed against me & still is. Why, how can those who did nothing but good & stayed out of trouble end with a life like this? How?

I will never carry a child in my body, deliver & bring them up in a Muslim country where they do to them what they did to me all my life (Rape, disability, unemployment, starvation, violence, beating, bullying, harassment, abuse, harm me, giving me various meds to make me ill & all sorts of evil done to me). Never had it occurred before disabled battered rape & violence victim being told via microphones that all the evil she goes through will go away once she does what is asked of her? What kind of people do this?

What kind of evil forces are these? & who sponsors them? & whom are their allies?

Everywhere someone is chasing me, & I don’t appear on TV, am not a celebrity, there’s a plan to work as news anchor but as usual MUSLIMS couldn’t bear the sight of me having a life like them, the manager said what will you do if any boss requests that you go out with him? I said: I’ll say sorry I cannot do that, & them he made a fight with me & said to go home & call him 10 pm in the night, he’s half Egyptian, I never called him. & after being a volunteer for several months at the radio they said to me they can’t pay me & I can leave. Can you see my life with Muslims, a perpetuated cycles of evil.

Am beaten, abused, starved, denied job because I stood up for myself & said I won’t do haram (NOW I GOT PEOPLE WHO SAY TO ME VIA DRUGS WE WILL PUT EVERYWHERE YOU PRAISE YOURSELF THAT YOU ARE UNLIKE US THE WRONG DOERS, SEE WHAT WE WILL DO) am harmed, violence & evil committed against me & told by those I live with who do evil to me go kill yourself. I was their maid inside their fucking home, raised the evil boys who beat me now, & worked at homes to feed them & the thank you I got because of all the shitty evil criminal who got their back IS EVIL DONE TO ME EACH SECOND.

Even in this country can’t live in peace nor at home, street, university or anywhere, for a hidden reason am enemy of all. My life with Muslims isn’t one filled with great memories. Am the person whom they for no reason had assigned themselves to do evil to her most of her life. Me on the other hand am the girl who all her life did nothing but great humane deeds, I taught the Muslim kids & helped them & their moms, like I did with this evil family that does nothing to me but violence & evil to me. What did I get from being kind, humane, & good with everyone? The evil people are the ones who make it to top in all domains.

Am 40 & I seldom went to parties, in my entire life went to one wedding & one engagement. Never went on a date, for stupid reasons fallen in love a number of times, one of them with the criminal Palestinian Yasser Hijazi doctor living in Scotland who is behind my rape and disability. I will never forgive the Palestinians until they bring my HAQ from that criminal whom they sent him 100’s of salutes on his damn wedding- as if congratulating him on the evil he did to me- & every other single person who aided him in doing this (YOUSSEF ALHOSSEINI, MARWAN KADRI, KAREEM ALHAMIDI, AKARM HOSNI, JEHAN ABDULLAH, MAHA BEHNISI, EHAB SALEH, IRIN FLEMING & ZAC, & THE MULTINATIONAL COMPANIES COCA COLA, PEPSI, VODOFONE & EGYPTIAN TELEVISION+ALL SOMALIS/SOMALILAND/MUSLIMS/NON MUSLIMS/CRIMINALS INVOLVED). There’s no one who have been through the kind of violence, horror, terror, pain & beating that I have been into. From an early age, as little as 4 years, & the image I have for most of the adults around me isn’t a good one. School wasn’t that better, all teachers beaten me. Kids bullied & injured me many times. University here was a sick place, most lecturers & certain evil students picked on me & I left without finishing my masters. Work was another great disaster & tragedy.

I just don’t know what is this? How can a person who never done anything but work & study end with a life like the hell am living in, be it at home or the fucking ugly unrecognized place that thinks it’s a country & does evil to me? Allah why is this happening to me, I can’t even walk in peace to buy grocery nor find a job to support myself?

Why all are allowed to lead any kind of life they desire, while my search for a better life is being messed with, why?



العناية بالنفس و بالاخرين

“What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow: this is the whole Torah; the rest is the explanation; go and learn”

هى مقولة لأحد رجال الدين اليهود و يقال أنه يوجد مدرستين أو بيتين لأتباع اليهودية أحدهما لهليل و كان متحيزا للفقراء و الكادحين، هو يرى ان مجمل الرسالة الدينية هو ان لا تلحق شرا بأى أحد و المتبقى هو شرح لذلك. و كل رسالة سماوية أو مذهب اخر يحض أيضا ان لا نفعل شرا بأى مخلوق، المرء الشرير مدمر، و الدين غايته أعمار الأرض.

من وقت لاخر حرى بالانسان ان ينظر ان كان  يسير بدرب يليق بادميته و يحقق غاية وجوده، الفرد المكلف بعمارة الأرض و ان يكون خليفة الله فى أرضه. يجب ان يسأل المرء نفسه هل كل همى الوصول  الى قمة و لو على حساب ظلم الكثير من أخوتى من البشر؟

لا يوجد دين على ظهر الأرض أو مذهب تعتنقه جماعة ما على وجه الأرض الا يكون أول درس تعلمه لأتباعها هو حب بعضهم البعض،  و ان يتمنى كل فرد الخير لنفسه و لأخوته من البشرية. رسالة الأديان واحدة   لا تفعل بأحد شر أو كما لا تحب ان يفعل بك شر لا تفعل شرا

Injustice, enslavement in all its forms, oppression of any kind anywhere is a threat to all mankind everywhere!

Bell Hook 100% right, & I wrote this before coming across her writing, women at the top don’t care about no one but themselves, as long as they share & enjoy ‘Wealth Cake’ with sexist exploitative men at the top, so they will ignore the oppression & exploitation of poorer women.

They don’t mind those women at the top sharing the gains of capitalism with sexist exploitative men that other poor oppressed women will be doing the dirty work of ‘Sexual Slavery’ as long as those women at the top are enjoying themselves.

While it was in the interest of mainstream white supremacist
capitalist patriarchy to suppress visionary feminist thinking which
was not anti-male or concerned with getting women the right to be
like men, reformist feminists were also eager to silence these forces.
Reformist feminism became their route to class mobility. They
could break free of male domination in the workforce and be more
self-determining in their lifestyles. While sexism did not end, they
could maximize their freedom within the existing system. And they
could count on there being a lower class of exploited subordinated
women to do the dirty work they were refusing to do. By accepting
and indeed colluding with the subordination of working-class and
poor women, they not only ally themselves with the existing patriarchy
and its concomitant sexism, they give themselves the right to lead
a double life, one where they are the equals of men in the workforce
and at home when they want to be. If they choose lesbianism they
have the privilege of being equals with men in the workforce while
using class power to create domestic lifestyles where they can
choose to have little or no contact with men.


Bell Hooks



ما هى السبل المثلى لمعالجة التطرف؟

من امن العقاب أساء الأدب

إِنَّمَا التَّوْبَةُ عَلَى اللَّهِ لِلَّذِينَ يَعْمَلُونَ السُّوءَ بِجَهَالَةٍ ثُمَّ يَتُوبُونَ مِن قَرِيبٍ فَأُولَٰئِكَ يَتُوبُ اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِمْ ۗ وَكَانَ اللَّهُ عَلِيمًا حَكِيمًا (17)

بشر أوباما أثناء فترة حكمه ان القضاء على داعش و الحرب عليها سوف تستمر ل 30 سنة، و لكن لم تصدق نبوئته و ههى داعش تتآكل و تندثر، و لكن ماذا عن الاخرين؟

هناك وباء و طاعون أستشرى فى العالم و الأمة ، الا و هو القتل، اراقة الدماء، القتل سواء  عن طريق الافراد العاديين، فزوج يقتل زوجته لخلاف ما، و صديق يقتل صديق فى أثناء مشاجرة، و و صاحب أو صاحبة منزل تقتل خادمتها، و خادمة تقتل أطفال مخدومتها التى تعذبها، أو عن طريق خفافيش الظلام الذين سلكوا درب سفك دماء  جميع المختلفين معهم، بات القتل  الخيار الاول و الوحيد لمن عشش الشيطان فى رؤوسهم و أستوطن وجدانهم.

كلنا يعرف قصة قاتل المائة الذى خرج يبحث عن من يفتيهم ان كان له توبة، كانت نية التوبة لديه و هو قاتل تسع و تسعين نفسا حينئذ، فقال له من كان يفتيه ان ليس له توبة فأجهز عليه، فأصبح قاتل لمائة نفس، فذهب لرجل اخر لم يغلق  عليه باب التوبة و أشترط عليه ان يغادر البلدة التى  هو فيها و يذهب الى قرية أخرى و أثناء الطريق مات فأختصم فيه ملائكة النار و الجنة لايهما ينتمى، أذاهب الى النار أم الى الجنة؟

الاسلام زجر و حرم قتل النفس، و أقام عقوبات و حدود رادعة لمن تسول له نفسه قتل النفس التى حرم، و فى أحاديث و أيات شتى أوضح عظمة هذا الجرم:

لو أجتمع أهل السماء و الارض على ارقة دم أمرىء مؤمن لأكبهم الله جميعا فى النار، اى ان الله لا يجد حرجا فى رمى جميع أهل السماء و الارض فى النار لانهم أستحلوا الدماء.

و فى موضع اخر يوضح الله ان تهدم البيت الحرام الذى هو أعظم البيوت عنده أهون عنده من قتل نفس مسلمة.

و فى القران يقول المولى عز و جل (مَن قَتَلَ نَفْساً بِغَيْرِ نَفْسٍ أَوْ فَسَادٍ فِي الأَرْضِ فَكَأَنَّمَا قَتَلَ النَّاسَ جَمِيعاً وَمَنْ أَحْيَاهَا فَكَأَنَّمَا أَحْيَا النَّاسَ جَمِيعاً )

 و هناك ضرورات خمس أو ست نص الاسلام على صونها و حمايتها أشد حماية و هى:

 حفظ الدين.
حفظ النفس أو الحياة.
حفظ العقل.
حفظ النسل أو
حفظ المال.

أذا ما هى الطريقة المثلى  التى يجب سلوكها مع أولئك الذين سلكوا درب الشيطان من خلال الانتماء الى جماعات أرهابية؟

أولا لا يجب أطلاق مسمى جهاديين عليهم، فالرسول فى جهاده كان يحارب من أعتدى عليه و على المسلمين، و قال أثناء رجوعه من أحد معاركه(رجعنا من الجهاد الاصغر الى الجهاد الاكبر) و كان يقصد بذلك مجاهدة النفس، حضها على الخير و كفها  و منعها عن الاثم، البغى و العدوان، و جميع المنكرات، كان  ذلك هو أكبر جهاد عند الرسول صلى الله عليه و سلم (مجاهدة النفس)

السعودية أنشئت برنامج يطلق عليه المناصحة و  الرعاية يهدف الى أصلاح أولئك الذين أتبعوا خطوات الشيطان، و هناك مراكز فخمة و مجهزة بأحدث الوسائل و الطرق لمعالجة و تأهيل  هولاء الافراد، فهل أثمرت تلك الجهود و أفرزت أناس فعلا تغيروا و أندثرت لديهم تلك النوازع و الرغبات الشيطانية؟

الشيخ راشد الغنوشى زعيم حزب النهضة الاسلامى فى تونس يرى ان لهؤلاء الذين سلكوا هذا المنحى الشيطاني و الاجرامى توبة.

بريطانيا هى الاخرى تدرس ماذا تفعل مع أولئك الذين ذهبوا الى القتال حول العالم ممن يحملون الجنسية البريطانية، و هناك دعوات لانشاء سجون لهم على غرار غوانتانامو، و اخرين ذهبوا الى القول و الدعوة الى قتل و تصفية أولئك القوم و التخلص منهم خارج بريطانيا، و اخريين يرون ان يتم العفو عنهم!

كينيا و الصومال أيضا فتحا باب  الدعوة الى التوبة و العفو لمن ذهبوا الى القتال و أنضموا فعلا الى الجماعات الارهابية أو لديهم نزعة الى الانخراط فى الجماعات الارهابية.

ما هو الحل الأمثل لمعالجة الذين سلكوا درب التطرف، علما بان بعض العاطلين حول العالم بات التطرف لديهم وظيفة يقدمون السى فى الخاص بهم ، و من ثم يتم تجنديهم!


Why do we label others as ‘ Self Hating’?

Love yourself enough to walk away from everything that’s ugly, undermines you, & decreases your own self worth, happiness  & self respect.

If someone doesn’t appreciate what you bring to table, fails you and makes you doubt your self-worth leave them, there’re 8 billion human beings on this planet.

It’s about your interests, your vision -mission in life & your goals and who helps you realize them & shares your set of values, we’re on this planet not forever so don’t waste your precious life & time with & around the wrong people.

Those who have chosen another path, see things in a different manner, if it’s not unethical shouldn’t be labelled as ‘Self Hating’.

During a discussion on air a black scholar Michael Eric Dyson described another black woman Brunell Donald Kyei  ‘Self Hating’ , maybe instead of labelling others you better make corrections via a civilized discussion. & it’s offensive being mean to women.

Nom Chomsky is often also described as a ‘Self Hating Jew’, strange isn’t it? Because of his different views.

Every black woman who have chosen to marry from another race or love a white man is also described as ‘Self Hating’ who sold themselves!(Janet Jackson, Serena Williams, Rihanna, & the rest), we have followed the suffering of Rihanna with Chris Brown, so if a white man is going to offer her the kind of love she’s seeking & deserves why make labels for her? If black men made her suffer or any other fellow, why deny her a relationship where she’s appreciated?

Look at the suffering of Tina Turner, on top of her game & her husband didn’t value her, so staying in such crabby relationships is okay, but knowing your own worth & searching for a better alternative/love, & a more satisfying relationship is a crime?!

Those who fall to appreciate people & value them are the ‘Self Hating’ fellows! They’re psychopaths that you should avoid at all costs.


Dangers of (Rats & Mice)

When I’s much younger mice or rats being around never bothered me. Getting older makes you appreciate life more, being through the horrors I went through makes you love life more. Recently those who hate me began throwing reptiles, rats & mice in my room.

Last night a mega mouse was thrown into my room & I have eaten my uncovered leftovers, don’t know if it’s contaminated. They have put me through torture the people who do evil to me, last night & the rat episode wasn’t any different, I’m sort of sick, my stomach hurts , is making sound & I feel like throwing up.

I’ve reading about rats & mice since 1:30am they say only way it can cause harm is via (Bite, their urine & feces) hope in my case I haven’t came into contact with any of these, amen.

Pray for me my enemies are so many, & they all want to get rid of me, or do me evil or exploit me.