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No One Cares

I too wish to believe this one million dollar looking woman, who happens to earn as much as a salary cares about women like you and me, but no one pushes  and advocates for something without an original evil sinful hidden motive and agenda, just like George Bush and Tony Blair whom their original agendas and motives for starting the Iraq war wasn’t to liberate the world from the tyranny of Saddam Hussien and his weapons of mass destruction, this woman sitting in front of you who looks like a ‘Vogue’ magazine model , who claims to be fighting for your rights, doesn’t care about your existence and your rights at all.


If we just had the guts and backbone to stand up and question thoroughly those who descend upon our lives with their shiny campaigns/plans while they all have hidden motives and agendas, our lives might have taken a different course.


Have you ever questioned why a million dollar looking woman, who have so much money sitting in her bank account, wearing latest jewellery/makeup, came from a beauty salon/spa, who can see with her own eyes how poverty had aged you at a young age,  what illness had done to you, bruises on your face from being beaten by an abusive father/husband/parent/relative or brother, who sees how poverty had crippled you, what malnourishment had done to you, who can see your worn out shoes or even bare feet, why had she chosen to not fight to put food in your belly, dress on your back, education in your brains, save you from abuse, money/job in your hand, but instead said to you ‘When we stop them from cutting your female genitals, your life will turn around!’, is that what will liberate you my sister, give you back your dignity, humanity and make you an equal to her?!


Man, Machine, and Authority

We would like to think that a country’s government and military will side with just demands of the most vulnerable components of its society and those at risk, especially if the grievance is in the form of ‘Life or death’ to a certain group.


But what we would like to believe and the reality could be millions of miles apart, you and your grievances may mean nothing to your government, and what you will also find out is that the real numbers that are very critical to the nation aren’t their citizens but the ‘Dollar and Pound’.


Your country will take you overseas to fight wars of and for million names, brings you back the shadow and skeleton of a person, your destiny for the rest of your life might be in the form of (Homelessness, poverty, unemployment, addiction, illness and disability), when your life is ended your burial expenses also could become another burden that is too much to bear for the government you fought for and broke you into billion pieces.


The ‘Government and Military’ are not there to protect the people, but for the protection of the few privileged who hold the strings of the purse, the few privileged rich men and women who are working night and day to replace humans with machines in all working settings.


How is it okay for governments to spend billions on failed banks and businesses and bail them out while every penny and dime to be spent on the citizens takes years of debates that eventually lead to nowhere?!


How come the governments of the worlds are not debating and regulating those 10 richest individuals of the world who say jobs of the past will no longer be there, and the future jobs of the coming century will be in coding, data analysis and cyber security! What kind of madness is this?!


Will the citizens be left to those 10 richest individuals on the planet to play with their fate?! Won’t the government step in to protect the workers of the world?!


Something that happened in 18/19 century can provide you with all the answers that you might need, and give you a glimpse of what to expect when such times arrive; it will show you the real numbers that matter to both your government, military and the few privileged.


England wars with France and America has weakened it and made living and economic condition very dire, during 1811-1819 a series of events occurred one of it was the ‘ Luddite Movement’, the Luddite’s were a group of textile artists who took their names from a fictional character.


The term ‘ Luddite’ is often used to describe those who are ‘Anti Technology’, but that isn’t what the term symbolizes and it’s also not what the textile workers of 19 century England were fighting against.


Luddite’s did not hate machinery, they were fighting not to be replaced by the machines, they didn’t mind working beside the machine, they were opposing being ousted out of their jobs for the sake of the machines, it is just like nowadays debate with ‘Automation’.


A series of uprising erupted led by the Luddite’s at the same time when England was in war with France, the Luddite’s broke new machines that were taking their old jobs and set factories on fire, in response the army met the uprising with vigorous campaigns, sentences were handed down where perceived members were hanged, others were thrown in prison while some were sent into exile. But that didn’t stop the Luddite’s, they carried on.

On the other side the government had tailored especial laws that weren’t meant to protect the workers whom were protesting for the loss of their jobs, but made special laws that favoured those who were taking their jobs away from them!


So as we see a whole country’s army and government in the 19 century didn’t side with the just demands of a group of workers who saw their life’s work and talents being destroyed before their eyes and their only means to provide for their families being ripped and taken away.


Look at how USA Secretaries explain to president of the United States the benefits of the ‘USA Diplomacy and Military Might’;  in ‘Dollar’ terms!


An Arab proverb says ‘Oh, You who have taken my bread away from me, indeed you did/do plan for my death.’







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Mexico Puts A ‘Hollywood Smile’ on American Faces!

America who made the whole world obsessed  with the ‘Hollywood Smile’  failed in making that dream come true for millions of its citizens, on the other hand the country’s neighbor Mexico rolled up its sleeve saying ‘Hey, what’re neighbors for?‘, & it took on the mission to make the dream come true for millions of US citizens!


No more sighs & envying actors/actresses on screen, thanks to Mexico!








They flipped life into a series of long queues of human beings that are lined awaiting (Internships & Preparation) to join a game that they had created! Their lives are put into a halt, because they aren’t yet ready!


YOUR HUMANITY IS EVEN AT QUESTION! True, are all HUMANS EQUAL?! According to the world we live in I doubt it! I think the only humans beings here according to the people who run this BIG GAME are the 1% who own everything, the rest 99% aren’t human beings!

Classes for becoming better humans, another for becoming better lovers, better workers, better students, better communicators, better writers, & the preparation classes never ends or stops!

When will our training and preparation classes stop?! When gonna we live life?! Why do we allow them to inform and indoctrinate us that we aren’t ready for anything and that we even aren’t worthy and deserving of our humanity?!

To them we seem as never wise, mature, sane or human.

Watch this video & let me know what your thoughts are.


I wrote a similar article in Arabic.

Simple Is Great


when you can MAKE THINGS EASY

Why search for BIG to grab attention

When SMALL can make WONDERS











Humanity Let Down

Cry beautiful






What had become of you?

what had they done to you?

Is that really you?

So much change

that I’m unable to recognize you.

Thought there’re plenty for everyone

so much love that can engulf all

so none would ever feel unloved

that we never harm each other

or stab one another in the back

maybe it was just all wishful thinking!

Cry my beloved humanity.