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Salome’s Dowry – Dance of the Seven Veils

She learned from her masters, who gave her the ABC of the craft, and then sealed it not with a kiss but with an advice, and told her to wear that in her ears like an ‘Ear Ring’ and around her neck like a ‘Necklace’;

‘All Will Use You, But You Don’t Have to Settle For Nothing, Do The Same and Be The Last Winner Who Wins It All At The Poker Table.’

Salome had many talents among them;  ‘Twisting, turning like a snake and shedding tears like a crocodile to win everyone.’ From where she came everything were in total destruction and she was like an oasis amid the ruins.

She wanted it all, and knew how to get what she wanted, she also had a plan to make all her enemies,  rivals, and those she hated , all fall one after the other like a domino. To her surprise she found that most of her evil murderous blood thirsty acquaintances also were envious and hated the same people as her, and wanted to get rid of them too, and it made her task a lot more easier!

For her and them it became more similar to when all tribes had agreed on the assassination of prophet Mohammed and when they came up with the evil plot stating that:

‘If All Tribes Unite To Get Rid Of Him, It Will Be Mission Impossible To Seek Vengeance For His Blood From Every Tribe!’

To be continued….

Scheherazade ‘I Can’t’, Shahryār ‘I’m Tired…’ Content Warning

In a dark study David kept pacing back and forth while saying to himself…

She’s exploiting the powers she has over him; he was weak when it comes to the husband/wife relationship they shared. She knew all the buttons that led to sexually satisfying him. She was bold, passionate, pretty, wild and sexy, all that and more led him into this decision they are fighting over now. He made her quit her job,  he thought that giving her access to all what he owns will be enough, but she was an ‘Alpha Female’ and simply being married  was not  fully satisfying her, she wanted more, not just him!

This was his fourth marriage, and he thought he had problems with women, after his last divorce he kept himself to his job, he took a vow that he will not embarrass himself again with any other female, he couldn’t tolerate what each woman would be saying behind his back to the whole country, and the gossips moving around; of how he failed in making them feel like real women! His marriages were with zero chemistry, and every encounter with any of his previous wives left him washed in shame, he dreaded making love to them, and he buried himself in his work, he used to arrive in the early morning when they were in deep sleep, he slept few hours, showered, and left to work. This was the best solution he could have come up with!

Until he saw her at a party, she flirted with him so openly, wildly, so passionately, that she frightened him; she showed him that she was interested in him as a man. He was taken back, surprised, disgusted at one point, because as a man he loved being the hunter, doing the hardwork and chasing his prey! Never in his wildest dreams did he dream of a woman doing the opposite; becoming the hunter and chasing him! He was about to let her know that he isn’t interested in the game that she was playing, but then he remembered his failures with his previous wives, he told himself it’s okay to reverse the roles, just as men let women be at the top when coupling and taking the lead, let me taste what it feels like to be hunted and chased!


For three awesome months he had the most passionate love affair of his life with her, she took the reins of their relationship in her hands, and to his amusement he liked it very much. She loved him 100%, didn’t hold anything back, and gave him the taste of things he never knew existed, and he was afraid to lose his new found passion, he proposed to her asking her to leave her job, and just to be his wife and remain at home, he couldn’t stand the idea of her changing her mind about him, losing interest in him and then desiring another man or her being desired by other men.


She wasn’t allowed to engage in any activity outside the house that didn’t involve him, they did everything together, it made him feel safe, he wasn’t going to let another male take away the sense of ‘Manhood’ she gave him.


Then their lovemaking became less passionate, she was holding herself back, and he had a sense that something was wrong. One night after they made love which wasn’t satisfying to him as it used to be, he took her devices and searched her mobile, laptop and all the other devices, he wanted to find an evidence that confirms his suspicions, but he couldn’t find anything, and he thought to himself maybe she is also a very clever cheater, she is after all the woman who made him fall head over heels in her love, and after marriage he became her sex slave who couldn’t live a minute without being inside her!


Few days later he confronted her asking her why she had become so rigid and cold.

‘Did the bird find a new nest?!’ He said to her

She just came out of the shower, she threw the towel on the floor, stood naked in front of him, looking at him with a very strange look in her eyes she took the lotion bottle, she normally lets him do it because he loves it, he loves applying cream to her, and letting his hands and fingers touch and learn her body more, but tonight she seemed like she wasn’t going to let that happen. She began applying the lotion to her neck, then her chest rubbing her hands so slowly until she reached her breasts, she began touching them so softly spreading the lotion  over them, and then squeezed and pinched them the same way he does when loving her, then she held both of her breasts in her hands shaking them,  her hands went to her nipples fingers moving in circles around her hardened tips, she touched her belly,  tights, buttocks and legs in a provocative manner, and when she came to her sex, she massaged it so slowly and lovingly as if it was him who was the one touching her, his face became red, his eyes seemed as if they were about to pop out from their place, she knew he was hard and dying to be inside her, but she kept torturing him by denying him from pleasing himself through pleasuring her, she knew she gave him a taste of what being a man to your woman means. Being desired gave her super powers, and she can see what that meant from his face and the emotions running through his body.

She was still massaging her sex when she said in a very husky and aroused voice ‘I don’t cheat, if we run out of love, I will be out of here. I got myself into your life , and I can also get myself out of your life.’

He came closer to her letting her feel his arousal and need, he was baring himself so that she can see that he needed her painfully and he wasn’t washed in shame or going to hide or deny his need.

She looked at his hard swelling cock that seemed about to erupt begging to free itself from the need tormenting it,  then gazed in his eyes coldly saying ‘Move to the guest room, you will not enjoy having your dick inside me as long as am being treated like one of your house’s furniture!’

He took her hips in his hands making her come in close contact with his erection,  her wet  needy aching pussy was on his hot swelled cock, she pressed her lips together afraid a cry of desire will escape from them, she looked into his eyes, and thought ‘Why not let him and her enjoy one final hard ride?!’, she grasped his arms before riding his erection, she rubbed herself against him, and he kept pumping his cock into her, she held firmly into him saying like she had become a villain ‘You love this, what am doing to you, what you do to me. Well hear me boy I got sad news for you , you are going to spend the next fifty years of your life all by yourself in that cold room if you don’t allow me having what I want.’

He cupped her ass in his hands bringing her closer to his hard cock then rammed into her saying as if he was hurting  ‘I will do anything for you,  just give me your love honey, please let me love you, please love me like you have always been doing!’

She didn’t know how both of them managed to be talking and making love at the same time, he was already inside her and her need frightened her, despite all her talk her cunt betrayed her and was holding him tightly like a hostage, he was deeply buried inside her, and she held to his firm solid arms to protect her from falling, he was now sitting on the bed taking her with him, she straddled him, hips moving  and rotating around him, he began moving in and out of her, sensing that she was about to come he then thrust hard into her, she came and few moments later he too came inside her, they kept holding each other, still joined she looked into his eyes, she saw herself  mirrored in his eyes, the love, need, pain, hurt, misunderstanding , desire, and fire that always burned the two of them, everything was there, he was her man and she was his woman, it made her feel strong and weak at the same time. She let him remain inside her taking all of his semen into her body, he knew what she was doing, he let her milk every drop that was still remaining inside his cock, taking her face in his hands he gave her a very long passionate and hard kiss, he was afraid that his love, desire and need will leave her bruised, but he didn’t stop and they kept kissing and making love like it is the last thing they need to do before the big dispute that was threatening to tear them apart.

‘Am taking that job I told you about, am not going to waste my life waiting to be fucked by you at the end of every day after you are done conquering the world.’ She yelled at him angrily.

To keep her quite he took her breast in his mouth and began sucking it hard, despite all her efforts her womb went on a wild trip and she began to moan, squeeze him hard and scream, between touching her, loving her, moving in and out of her, he managed to say in a very hoarse and shaky voice ‘You agreed to quit your job before we even got married, we made a deal!’

She took his head in her hand towards her other breast, and he gave it the same attention and love that he gave to its twin and began sucking it hard, she closed her eyes enjoying the sensation and then said in a very aroused voice that seemed strange even to her own ears ‘I thought it will be easy, but it’s not, I want to explore the world, grow and try new things.’ Then added ‘Do you remember always telling me I had potential?! What did that mean?! Did you really mean it?! Or did you mean a potential to fuck you well like no other woman has ever done?! What did you mean David when you said you see potential in me, what  kind of potential?! Did you mean ‘Being your WHORE HIDING BEHIND A WIFE TITLE?’ She said to him pulling herself from his embrace, and liberating her pussy from being daily fucked by him, she wasn’t going to deny that she enjoyed and loved every minute of it, but she wants more. He looked at her breasts,  his saliva still covering it, a prove that he was loving them minutes ago , and then to her cunt that loved his cock like no other woman did and will ever do.

He never knew he was very vulnerable or fragile before her, he liked what he saw, everything about her, what she did to him, how she pleased him, how he pleased her, what they did together, he lost himself in her, he was aware of her strength, he knew what she was capable of doing to any man by just gazing at them, they can become like rings in her fingers if she wants, and he wasn’t going to take that risk of letting her go out  explore whatever she plans to explore,  and spend all day with other men.

‘Look am not going to fall for another man, and am not going to make other men fall for me, am not a single girl anymore, am your wife, am married, I respect that , and am not some damn hooker!’

‘No work Sarah, it’s final!’ and with that he left and wondered how could it be possible that they had been loving each other madly one minute, then fighting like enemies the other minute!


She slept in her bed, she loved him, she knew she couldn’t stay angry with him for so long, she too was weak when it comes to him, but she can’t afford showing and exposing her vulnerability, she said to herself ‘In love and war everything is fair’, and she was both in love and at war in the same time, she will do whatever she was capable of doing till she gets what she wants!


For the following weeks she avoided him, then suddenly there was some sweet talk between them with no touch, then out of the blue when he came in close contact with her at the kitchen, stairs or elsewhere she allowed him to touch her without having her, and it was driving him crazy! Then as she was giving him his keys he leaned forward her testing if she will allow him to kiss her, and to his surprise she did , she let him kiss her, and he was eating her, she wrapped her legs around him and he firmed her to the wall while tearing her mouth and breasts with kisses, when his mouth closed over her nipples she screamed with joy encouraging him to go on, when he took her mouth again she was returning his kiss in an equal passion as if also breaking up with him did make her weary, if not for that maid he would have taken her while holding her against the wall.


David was unable to concentrate on his work, everything seemed to be hard those past weeks, but they became harder when she allowed him to touch her again, and innocently he took the bait!  He was famished for her. He fooled himself into believing that kissing her will ease the burn inside him, but the smolder turned into blaze, and only having all of her will put that to rest. At home and work he was like a volcano that was on the verge of erupting, he avoided people at work afraid of them having a view of him walking around with a hard cock and a horrible stinky temperament all day due to him not having sex with his woman!  Her plan to kill him softly was working like hell, and if he doesn’t do something it’s going to kill him!


She was having hard time seeing him in pain, she thought she can tolerate it, and he seemed liked he’s in a fight; exerting self restraint over himself because of her. She knew he loved her, and he loved what they did together in bed; she knew he can restrict himself from doing many things except from making love with her.


She was drinking some juice in the kitchen, when he came home early than usual, went to the swimming pool, he stripped himself naked around the pool throwing everything that was in his hands carelessly beside the pool and began swimming, the maid took the rest of the day off, and it was just the two of them, he came into the kitchen naked, opened the fridge took juice and began drinking it in front of her, he let her break up did to him, she swept her eyes over his body and her gaze lingered on his shaft, it was bigger, thicker and harder than usual, she looked at his eyes, it was a mistake, she shouldn’t have done that, his hunger and need was killing him as it was killing her, she began to become wet from her arousal and need, she looked again at him when he said ‘Sarah’ his eyes were dark, face painfully red, and she saw a silent plea there ‘Let me take you’, she brought her shaking hand to her throat and screamed saying ‘No’, then ran to her room, moments later she heard the study door being slammed, for hours he locked himself in the study, not even bothering to have food.


She was questioning herself for how long more can the two of them stay in this way?! Should she give up on her ambitions because she couldn’t stand watching him being in pain?!  He had everything including her, and he couldn’t give her this one thing and let her fulfil her desire to work!

She felt like she was ‘Scheherazade’ and what is keeping her alive and in marriage with him is ‘Her unique ability to satisfy him in bed’. Scheherazade saved her head by narrating stories, and she was kept with him because of ‘Sex’, every woman must possess a unique ability in order to survive among men!   He’s another ‘Shahryār’ and she’s another ‘Scheherazade’, only different time and different location.

She began crying and then said to herself ‘Oh! Foolish women they don’t ask or require anything from men in order to live among women! They only ask them to just be themselves and love to them!’

‘If am here for sex, then he’s not going to have a taste of it again with me ever again till I have what I want.’ She said to herself and then because of being exhausted drifted away into sleep


She was lying in her bed naked after taking a hot shower, she wondered when would be the best time to tell him of what she had found out awhile ago,  when he finds out what she has to tell him will that make him change his mind? Will he let her take that job? She heard his voice outside of her room, she asked him to come in, she was facing the door, her legs were parted, she raised herself on her elbows, her hair fall behind her back and onto the bed, she made him see all of her, he kept walking until he was towered above her, he gaze swept her lingering on her breasts and then resting his gaze on her cunt, it was her turn to let him has a view of her wet, horny and naked! His voice shaking he said ‘Take the job Sarah, if that is what it will take to have you again in my arms, I’m sick and tired, please baby make me feel how being your man tastes like.’

She laid back opened her arms to him, and he slid into her waiting arms, she took his earlobe in her mouth before touching his erection and moving to unzip his trousers saying ‘I can’t live another day without you, I love being your woman, what you make me feel, I love what am capable of arousing in you, I love you and I was planning to end this.’ She had already freed his cock, and was gently touching him before guiding him into her, she gazed into his eyes and he saw tears, love, longing and something else, he kept looking into her eyes before pushing himself fiercely inside her, she cried happily and kissed him with hunger that left him breathless saying ‘Easy honey, be careful am with your baby!’

Gazing into her eyes his face smiling, he kissed her lips then her palm, before moving his hand to touch her belly ‘So we will be having another sexy stubborn Sarah in the house?!’ tears in her eyes she brought her hand above his hand that was pressing into her belly ‘I want a kind, strong, loving and handsome boy who grows up to be a mini copy of my man’ and then took his mouth once more in another hungry kiss.

He loved her all night long taking care of her and the new life growing inside her.

Alive ‘Content Warning’


Nancy was sitting at the kitchen table sipping her coffee and reading an article about how to spice one’s sex live in the magazine, and she was surprised at the weirdness of the tips, the sexy lingerie’s they wore, it barely covered anything, of how the female models positioned themselves with the men in the photos, it left no room for the imagination and it looked as if they were having a real intercourse with one another except that they weren’t actually doing it, she asked herself if  she ever after 20 something years of marriage can get doing this feeling comfortable with her husband?!

The magazine and the photos made her insides melt, she then put it aside and continued enjoying her coffee, then said to herself ‘Matt wouldn’t want me to be that sexy for him,  see me in outfit that exposed all my feminine parts, he prefers to be lewd with his whores!’

Suddenly her twin children appeared; Daniele & Isabella, she thanked God for having them in her life, if not for them she wouldn’t had stayed married to Matt for a day longer.

Each dropped a kiss on one of her cheeks, and she held their faces close to hers returned the kiss and ran her nose across their face smelling them like she did when they were babies; they had the most adorable scent now and back then.

‘I don’t think you have university today, where are going to?’She asked them

The two spoke spontaneously like they always do ‘We were invited by some friends ‘The Hamilton’s’, and we will spend the day in their new yacht.’

‘Oh! The papa is bragging and showing off! I wonder what sort of criminal act did he engage in to land such huge money?!’

They laughed and then Isabella mentioned to her mom that he works in diversified businesses and makes investments in many ventures.

‘Unlike your papa, when it comes to ‘The Field of Law’ he is a devoted monk!’

They took their sandwiches with them and went on their way.

‘Drive safely, and no irresponsible acts or behaviours.’

‘Yeah, mom, we know!’ Said

She got up and went upstairs, to her kids room first, the cleaner will tidy their rooms but she loves tidying them anyway, she picked some books on her daughters bed, then returned the books to the shelve, opened the window, and went out to her son’s room, his room was like a circus when he was a kid and even now, she picked his socks, shoes, pants, shirts, tidied his bed, picked his laptop & guitar from the floor, and then opened the windows, and went off to her room.

Once she was at her bedroom’s door her chest became tight and her heart dropped, her hands on the door knob, she paused for awhile, before opening the door forcefully, this is the one room that she doesn’t like tidying or staying in!

She sat on one of the chairs, and stared at the bed remembering what happened four nights before. Matt was out and he arrived home very late, she didn’t notice that he came in, only felt his hands parting her legs, before he thrust himself into her body, he kept sliding in and out of her as if he was getting rid of something, and few minutes later it all  finished, he stood by the bed side took his cloth off, and slept beside her naked, then her body started shaking, she was having orgasms, she touched his shoulder but he had already went into deep sleep, her body then became feverish, she got up, went to the bathroom and took a shower, when she came back her husband’s mobile was thrown on the floor, she picked it up, and then suddenly a text message appeared, it was from someone called ‘Horny’ and it said ‘Don’t tell me you wasted that precious erection again on her?!’  Her face blushed,  she felt humiliated and raged, then she kept reading the texts,  the earlier one said ‘Am turned on and you know how bad that is for me when you aren’t around, please come now I need you’, then she understood why her husband was so horny awhile ago that he didn’t mind ‘Fucking her while being asleep.’, she kept reading the messages, then after she finished, went again to the bathroom and began vomiting, she was sick, shaking and angry, then her head and heart started to ache, ten years of cheating and she keeps living in hell, she started sobbing  until the morning. There were extreme knocks and kicking at the door and she felt she is in a dream, she woke up and found herself sleeping on the bathroom floor, so he didn’t even bother to check on her, and here he was preparing himself for his sluts and work.

She picked herself up, washed her face, and opened the door, he bent forward to drop a kiss, she avoided him saying ‘I was sick last night.’

She sat in the study until he left, at noon she heard a voice and she went out to see who it was , standing at the door was the most beautiful male she had ever seen, tall, blonde, wide shoulders, a well built body, long muscled legs and  a narrow waist, he was a work of art, he smiled , and then looked intensely at her, it was as if he liked what he saw, she felt  like ‘Shit’, and there she was being lustfully stared at by a young man, she wondered what did he see in her that didn’t catch Matt’s attention?!

Nancy looked down at herself, she completely had forgotten that she is wearing her night gown, her breasts were exposed, the gown was short, very transparent, and she wasn’t wearing anything else underneath it.

Embarrassed she shut the study door, heart beating and barely able to breathe, she kept her back to the door, he talked to the maid, and then the door was closed.

Nancy moved to the window held the curtain to one side,  and  looked at him as he was leaving, as if he sensed someone was staring at him, he looked back and waved his hand at her!


For the last ten years of her marriage Matt kept cheating on her, they argued and fought, separated for awhile, and even were on the verge of divorce, he then promised her that he will not cheat on her again, and he will be a faithful and loving husband. But it only got worse, and the more richer and powerful he got, the more perverted he became.

The love in their marriage ended, and there was no more sex either, and Nancy was glad, she couldn’t bear him touching her or being inside her body. She stayed in the marriage for her twins; she was going to protect them no matter what even if it meant staying with a cheating husband she doesn’t love or desire anymore.


‘Am Patrick!’  A voice said from above her shoulder

She knew who that voice belonged to, she removed the hat from over her face, she was wearing a bikini by the pool side, it was as if she is destined to meet him whenever she is having minimum cloth on!

She doesn’t know how long had he stood there watching her, and didn’t bother to cover herself. She looked at him wondered if she would feel again the same way she did the other day.

‘How can I help you?!’ She asked.

‘Am looking for Mr. Matt, they need him at the firm, and when they couldn’t be reach him on his phone, I was sent.’

So he is spending the day with his slut who loves his erections. Her gaze moved from Patrick’s shoes to his legs, then she saw a bulge at the front of his trousers, just like she didn’t bother to cover herself he stood right in front of her not ashamed of his arousal.

She stood up walking away towards the house and said to him in aloud angry tone ‘Well you are wasting your time here, he isn’t around.’

She wanted to shout back at him and say ‘You will find him with his sluts.’

But then she turned around and found him staring at her bottom, her cheeks blushing she said to him ‘Am not his secretary!’


For the following days she kept seeing Patrick every, and then saw him again while she was spending her day with her friends, he was sitting in the cafe opposite to her, she was wearing a very revealing summer dress, after he came into her life she threw all her wardrobe away and bought sexy and more feminine wardrobe, she went to where he was sitting and confronted him saying ‘Are you following me?!’

‘Yes.’ Said Patrick

He threw her off balance, she was counting on him denying and then arguing with him, not to be so blatant.


‘You deserve a better man!’

‘Stay out of my way, is this how you make your living, chasing women whom their husband’s are having a mid life crisis!’

‘Some people need to be saved from themselves Nancy, and am here to do that for you!’

She shook her head and left him.


She kept seeing more of him for the next months and she avoided him completely, then her daughter made remarks about him, she told her to stay away from him and concentrate on her life.

‘Do you think he is bad?! Bad men are sexy mom!’

‘Bella watch your mouth!’

She confronted her husband with the text messages she saw, that he broke his oath not cheating on her, and he didn’t deny, he told her it comes with the changes in his life. Then told her that he will not beg her again to forgive him and she can do whatever she wants.


She found a job with the help of her friends and moved out of the house, she was always good with numbers, it was a job in a big accounting firm, and she enrolled herself at the university.

One night as she was having dinner with her best friend she told her that she wanted to do something thrilling, her friend recommended a ‘Dancing Class’ for her,  and told her that maybe she will meet the man of her life while learning new moves and burning calories!

She registered herself at a night class and thought of bringing her kids, but they told her they already had plans but will come to see her, at the class the teacher told them to pair up, she was the only one left without a partner, her Spanish dancing teacher came to her aid saying ‘ We can dance together!’

Then she heard the voice that had never left her for months now ‘No need, I don’t have a partner too, so we can team up!’

Once in his arms she was tense for the first few minutes, then later on her body relaxed and let him guide her, they kept moving together, she was unaware of everything except this man who made her feel so ‘Alive’ since the first day they had met.

Later at night she let him accompany her back to home, while walking they talked, he told her that he is an orphan, he doesn’t know his father, his mother committed suicide after some of her lovers whom were drug dealers hooked her on drugs and turned her into a prostitute.

‘I guess she couldn’t stand being used by the men she has loved starting from my dad, then later on her lovers who were concealing their true identity and occupation, hooking her up on drugs, then after they got bored with her, and she become of no value to them introduced her to prostitution, she couldn’t take what they did to her and what she had become, so she then decided to end her story her way.’

‘Each day I keep asking myself why had she given up on herself and me? Why didn’t she fight back?!’

Suddenly she came into a halt, opened her arms and hugged him tightly, he was sobbing openly, and she held him tight in her arms, he needed someone to reassure him that they are there for him, and that he won’t be let down just like what happened to his mom, they stood like this for awhile.

‘Sometimes when we are panicked, with not so many options, and in dangerous situations, the mind gives us only two options ‘Fight/Flight’, some are very vulnerable,  alone, scared, they chose not to fight, they chose the exit door, they want to run away from pain, and put an end to their misery.’ Nancy said to him

They finally arrived to her building, she invited him, and he seemed reliefed that she did, she played music, they cooked together, while dancing when they found a chance and sang happily , they seemed like lifelong friends, they set the table at the balcony, the sight was breathtaking, and she had grown various plants and roses, the balcony had become one amazing garden.

They talked about everything, politics, music, movies, their likes and dislikes, they even danced again together, at the very first hours of the morning he left her after placing a kiss inside her palm.

At work she kept and held that hand he kissed all day next to her heart during, their evenings now ended with him walking with her to home, them cooking together, eating together, chatting, dancing, listening to music, reading books, watching movies, and enjoying being with each other.


After her divorce he proposed to her, he left working at Matt’s firm, he now gives various coaching lessons on life, dancing and many other things, she hesitated at first because of the age difference, but he convinced her that it doesn’t mean anything for him.

‘Am fifty, won’t you want children?!’

‘Am in my thirties and strong like a bull, am sure we will make babies together.’

‘Stop joking, am serious!’ She said

He looked at her and said ‘All men aren’t like Matt, am not Matt, I won’t cheat on you, and I will always love you.’


They married, and her children and friends were there, she was very happy and she knew she had found the love of her life.


At their room in the hotel she stood in front of him naked, she wanted to see his reaction towards a woman that is fifty, a belly that had carried babies, breasts that had gone into motherhood, and body that isn’t as young as his.

He ran his eyes over her entire body lingering his gaze on her most feminine and womanly parts, his hands and lips stroked and loved her, and with his passion he showed her how much he was crazy about her.

His voice was hoarse as he said ‘I made an oath that I will never be with a woman except with the bond of marriage, and that I will not do to any woman what some men did to my mother. I have saved myself for the right woman, and you are the right woman.’

Then they kissed and touched each other feverishly and hungrily, his erection pressing into her aching center, and their tongues going into a tango dance.




The Madam

‘Oh I love you. Yes, more baby, please don’t stop!’

Her voice, moans & cries filled the house, the maids & driver were having lunch at the kitchen, and then just out of the blue like every time the animalistic voice of their employers making love and enjoying themselves with no regard or consideration for anyone has again hit them!

The driver looked at the girls & then said ‘I am looking for employment with no luck, we can’t work in such an environment!’

One of the maids looked at him & then said ‘At least they are married and not in any illegal affair, thank God for that!’

The other girl stood up then closed the door with hope that they will have no more access to the craziness taking place at their madam and her husband’s bedroom, but to her disappointment the voices, laughs & cries were still there!

The driver looked at them saying ‘I can see why they don’t have children yet!’

The girls had told him of many sultry and steamy stories about their madam, how more than once they saw her wearing nothing and sleeping on a small mat at the front yard with her body covered in oil, she would then tell the girls that she is taking something called ‘Sunbathe’ and they should stay indoors to avoid seeing her like that!

Another day the girls were cleaning the living room, their madam’s husband was once again at the house and they were doing it in the middle of the day! Then to their surprise the madam came in suddenly wearing nothing but a (G-String Panty ) , she looked as if shocked or panicked, maybe she didn’t expect to see them and thought the room was empty, and she will not come across anyone to witness how she looks after making love with her man, as if paralyzed she froze and couldn’t move, the girls saw her very large breasts covered with marks like bites, she had the biggest nipples that they had ever seen, her thighs and stomach too were covered with more bites, and her hair was a mess, when she saw the girls looking at her breasts she then placed her two hands over them to cover them from their probing and invading eyes. Out of the blue her husband shouted begging her to come back to the room, she then ran out of the room and went back to him.

At the kitchen the three of them looked at each other, then as if they had a secret silent agreement they stood, and walked on their fingertips following the sounds, the more closer they get, the higher and louder the sounds emerging from the bedroom, they were standing near an opened window, they stood there their backs pressed to the wall listening, and then her voice came filled with ecstasy and arousal:

‘Yes baby, press harder!’

‘Yes there you just hit the right place, don’t move, keep pressing harder’

Then she went on screaming and moaning saying ‘Move up, not there go down, there, yes don’t stop baby, now stronger, press a little harder, great, more please!’

‘I love what you’re doing to me; you’re like a magician who knows all the secret keys to my body.’

Then another moan and cry, her husband was not talking like her at all,  he was only saying I love you in a shaky breathless voice, now they can hear the bed making a cracking sound from their weight and what they were doing.

The three of them then moved closer to window, they now can see into the room, the room was hugely big, and a mosquito net was hanging from the ceiling, it surrounded the bed from every side, the madam and her husband were inside the net, the husband’s back was facing them, he was laying atop of his wife, she was beneath him sleeping on her belly, they were both fully dressed, and he was simply massaging her back!

The three of them looked at each other in great disappointment, and then they moved quietly back to the kitchen, once they were there, the driver shouted angrily saying ‘No steamy sex was taking place, were all the stories you’re telling me just a lie?!’

“Content Warning” (Bedrooms & Women 2)

Nora’s Fourth  Marriage:

She can’t remember when exactly did he leave, she passed out when he had beaten her last night; on their first night as a husband & wife! Is that what marriage is all about?! How come she’s the one that ends up every time with all the kinds of wrong men?!  She’s wearing the strange pieces of clothes he forced her to wear last night; she looked more as a prostitute not at all a wife & most certainly not a loved & cherished one. The bed sheets & pillows were covered with blood; her blood, there’s blood between her thighs, all the way down to her ankles, she looked at her chest it was full of blue marks, with nail marks everywhere & on her breasts, she’s bruised all over her body, that was more of a rape not love making. He began hitting when he asked her to perform weird things, talk dirty, beside many other obscene details.

Getting up & out of bed was extremely painful, when her feet hit the ground, a strange dreadful sound escaped her lips, the sound of a wounded & bleeding animal, dragging herself she went into the bathroom she filled the bath tub with hot water, & grabbed nearby bottles, without thinking, reading or looking at the labels she emptied then into the water, then sank into the water, she was crying now, praying that the water & pleasant scents will cleanse her of last night incidents & wash away any other odour on her body that belongs to that pervert .

She’s trying to remember any clues that she missed during their engagement, any abnormal, lewd or violent behaviours & tendencies, then one particular image came to her mind, they’re in party & there’s this very innocent good looking teen that her husband had been hovering around during that night & she caught him more than once sending him lustful glances, but at the time she shrugged the thought away & dropped it completely from her mind. How can such handsome successful man who’s about t to marry her be lusting after young boys?!

She remained in the water until it became icy, then got out of the water, laid on the bathroom’s floor, tears started to falling again, then she shouted into the empty bathroom, what was that?!  What was he trying to prove? That he’s some sort of a criminal & an animal?! She couldn’t move her arms, her legs were dead, and she felt like she had been hit by a train or thrown under one, that wasn’t what a wedding night should be like, right now she feels she’d been raped!

Last night he opened a bag that he picked from underneath the bed, it was full of drugs & alcoholic drinks, then he started mixing strange things together & then taking them, he raised his glass & then said to her ‘Come join me it will make you bolder & more sexier.’

Her face went pale from shock & fear, her voice shaking she told him she isn’t a fan of such things & he shouldn’t be doing what he’s doing.

‘You’re a party spoiler, if you can’t join, then shut up.’

This wasn’t her fiancé that used to say the sweetest words & do the most romantic things a man can do to his woman! So this is the real man behind the mask he wore for her & wears for everyone else.

Nora couldn’t believe what happened, she’s trying to remember the craziness that took place in the bedroom last night but she can’t fully bring the memory it’s very shocking & horrible, her body was shaking involuntarily, she started asking herself ‘If she should had told him what she liked instead of playing the dump shy virgin would things had been different?!’  No, this is no ordinary man, he was hiding all the time, he’s a ‘Pervert.’

She pressed her body hard against the cold floor hoping that its coldness will diffuse into her feverish body! She’s feeling ill, & she wants to spend the remaining of the day in such position.

After his abhorrent behaviour & before hitting , assaulting & beating her, she told him he’s a pig & she doesn’t want to stay with him, she picked herself up to change her cloth & to go her family’s house, then he came from behind pulled her from the hair, slapped her multiple times his face turning into the face of a villain saying to her ‘ No woman was yet born to defy me, I’ve heard all the stories about you & I’ve studied you so well, there’s nowhere on earth you can escape to, you’ve no idea what I’ve planned for you, & you’re right am a pig & so is your family add to that everyone else, this time if you plan to escape your marriage; you’ll be placed in a mental asylum, my brother the doctor who you describe always as your guardian angel & some other people had already told everyone that you’re unstable, along with very well known religious clerics who are a mixture of friends & relatives, powerful clan elders  & your family we’ll made this master plan, don’t forget to add my white friends & acquaintances too’ He then added ‘Did you think that I’ll let you into my life & then place all my secrets on table to you without a plan B?!’

‘Now open your legs for me & make me happy or prepare to live the rest of your life at the mental asylum!’ Those were his last words to her before he suddenly started hitting her, & then her whole world fall into complete darkness.


‘Don’t just assume, ask.’


As he pulls himself from underneath the warmth of his blanket & bed to the chilling freezing temperatures of January, Sam mumbles to himself in a very low tone, so that his other roommates don’t hear him ‘Why January all such harsh coldness have some mercy on me! Isn’t it enough with all that’s wrong with my life?’

He usually wears something like three jackets, two pants, three pairs of socks, and shawl around his head, down to his neck to protect him from freezing during the night. He shares the apartment with three other young men, each with a different tale of hardship & misfortunes!  When they finish their daily battles during the day & return to their tiny sanctuary, they figure out that it’s indeed a little piece of heaven! Each does a certain chore, one cooks, another tidies the room, two might do the laundry, the best part is that two of them know how to sing while the third plays multiple instruments, that’s how they entertain themselves beside reading & other things during the evenings, they have become during their short time together more than a family, & a very rare bond formed between the four of them, in a way they have become the (3 Musketeers+1), & the four of them only have one another.

Sam was battling with paying the rent all by himself with the wage he was receiving, the tiny apartment was rather empty & the three guys who had good taste & some cash did furniture it, & it can finally be referred to as ‘Home!’


How they found each other is another tale! One night after finishing work Sam took a short cut to his way back, in an alley (Todd, Evan & Mathew) were caught in a big fight with some other guys, it was clear they were the victims as the other group took Todd’s bag with all his valuable belongings, & they were begging them to give them back the bag with everything else in return for some money! When all that failed a fight broke & here he’s; fighting for complete strangers!

After the fight & a brotherly introduction between the four of them he found out that they were new to the city & are actually looking for a place to stay!

He brought himself back from his flashback to reality & realized that it’s another long day of hard labour, he asked himself to be grateful to be healthy, that the lord has given him another day, another morning,  to cheer up, make the best out of it & go give him(the lord) your best.


He went to the kitchen, from the door he can smell fresh coffee filling the air, something has been fried/toasted, someone had prepared the breakfast, thankfully he took an egg sandwich, then took some toasted bread, spread some butter & jam, poured a cup of coffee, its warmth ran from the cup to his entire existence, he then had a quick breakfast & went out to the much colder city air unlike their warm tiny apartment, to the hard long day awaiting him.







Samantha got up & sat in her king size bed; she loves keeping herself warm, she spent her night under a quilt cover & a duvet, she’s anti cold, & had been planning to donate her salary this month to buy blankets for the homeless. Today she’s feeling happy & excited, she went to the balcony for some fresh air, Randolph was up & taking care of the garden, he caught sight of her, smiled & waved to her, she waved back to him, then heard knocks on the door, the kind assuring voice of Magdalena penetrated through the door/walls, carried away via the room till it reached her in the balcony ‘Sam, are you still in bed?!’

‘No, come in.’

She came in & gave her a hug, she was raised by her & her grandmother after her mother ran away with her new boyfriend, her dad couldn’t stand the betrayal & died in his study from heart attack.

Magdalena is married to Randolph, she’s her nanny & also like the house workers supervisor.

‘Mama, did she get up?’ Samantha asked her, that’s what she calls her granny

‘She never sleeps, giving orders everywhere like an army general!’ Magdalena said

‘Give me five minutes & will come have breakfast with her.’

She took a shower, did a quick makeup, wore her cloth & went to join her grandmother, she sat at the head of the table like a queen & her entire face lit up once she saw her granddaughter.

‘My little baby!’ She said warmly

Sam kissed her on the check & gave her a tight hug saying ‘Going somewhere? Why did you wake up so early?’

Her grandmother looked at her, didn’t answer her & instead said ‘Something is glowing in your eyes, is there something you want to share with me?’

Sam laughed & did exactly like her grand mom ‘When will Emma stop cooking all those unhealthy meals?!’Pointing to the breakfast table filled with all sorts of food (Carbohydrates, fat & sugar)

She made a sandwich, took few bites & had a glass of orange juice, then stood up waving to her & went off to her work.

She drove to work & got off of the car slamming the door, stood there & looked at the cafe she works in, who’d have thought she’d be here! She’s working in a big firm, earning large sums of money, dressed like models, then she had the worst breakup with the manager who’s also her boyfriend because she found out that he’s cheating her with her best friend, of all the women on earth he had chosen her best friend! They must have had their biggest laugh at her when they went to bed together that she’s the moron of the century!

She left the company, she wanted to heal her wounded bleeding heart & soul, & came to work in this cafe which belonged to one of her best friends, after few months she became a partner, not just an employee! She got visions & other plans for the cafe & she plans to make it more famous than (Starbucks)!

More than a year & there’s still pain, shock, hurt, & disbelieve, the pain isn’t as fierce as when she had found out, months after the incident she watched ‘In Her Shoes’ thought to herself thank God I don’t have a sister & he wasn’t cheating me with her!


Sam went to the cafe, greeted other staff & her friend, then like other staff she went & wore the uniform to begin her hard sweet lovely working day with no cheating males bosses/boyfriends  & female best friends!





Sam was the hottest male on the construction site & to make things harder for him; the boss on the site was a female in her fifties by the name Helen Macdonald. This is no place for a woman he said to himself every day. She used to be a pain in the neck, but with time they became friends & they would chat about everything, about how one of her relatives gave her this job after her husband becoming disabled in an accident.

‘It’s the least I can do.’ She said ‘This had been very hard for him, he’s a very proud man & still is, it’s hard for him in every way, being cared for by his woman & also being fed by her.’

‘I’m doing it for love, not because it’s a duty.’ She looked to Sam & her eyes were filled with tears & said ‘ We fight every day, I understand why, so as you see I spend all day at site, or else huge withdrawals will be taken from our bank of love & am afraid that one day we’ll run out of love.’

Sam understood her sometimes & but didn’t understand her most of times as he never knew what was it like to have parents or how would their fight look like!

So what he did most of times was just listen & she’s very grateful for that, it did help her as she often said.

‘Hey, little Sam why don’t grab the two of us some coffee?! It’s on me.’

She handed him some money & then said ‘There’s a nice cafe by the end of the street it’s called (Serendipity).’

Sam went off down the road & found the cafe & went in , it was a very astonishing place, with bookshelves, a kids zone, it carried a friendly & family air around it, family he said to himself, do you even know what this means?! You’re new to family feeling dude take a grab on yourself. He stood there to make his order, a voice said (Hello) sending an electric current through his whole body.

He gazed to see who was it that had suddenly turned his world upside down, & he wished he never had done that. He was gazing into most beautiful green eyes he had ever seen, the most beautiful face, hair & mouth, & he couldn’t say a single word.

Samantha was looking into the most beautiful face, bluest eyes, face, hair & man she had ever seen  ‘Hello!’ she said again & hoped she didn’t sound like a teenage girl who had just met her crush!

Sam was trying to clear his fogged brain & wondered if he can talk, much to his surprise he was able talk ‘Hi’ he said

‘How can I help you?!’ she asked, ‘What did she think he’d say; can we go out for a date?! Of course he will order some coffee & something else!’ she said to herself

He gave her his order, once he had his coffee, he took it without ever looking back!

Sam called after him to wait for the change, but he just vanished!

She remained all day at the cafe thinking of those eyes, face & man, until she went to bed.




Sam gave Helen the coffee, she smiled at him & said ‘I hope you didn’t lose your way! You didn’t get lost, did you?!’

He left her to join the other workers & screamed over his shoulder without looking back at her ‘No.’ Then said to himself ‘But I hope that I didn’t lose my heart or maybe I just did!’

Throughout the day he kept thinking of the woman he just met, the voice, eyes, hair, mouth & everything about her, some of her scent is still on his hands from her handing him the coffee!





Samantha spent the next few days in anxiety & anticipation, & her friend & partner sensed something is wrong with her ‘Whenever you feel like talking am all ears!’

‘I don’t think you’re fine, the way you keep staring at that door as if something is about to happen. I can’t tell if it’s something great or catastrophic!’She said

Sam looked at Cassie smiled half a smile & said ‘It’s not such a big thing, & it will go away.’

Cassie took her hands & looked intensely into her eyes ‘Do you want it to go away?’

Sam didn’t reply & instead went back to work.






At the house & the site everyone sensed something was wrong with Sam & this wasn’t the man everyone knew.


Helen told him one morning ‘Just because am the boss doesn’t mean I can’t listen to you if you feel like talking!’

She touched his shoulder in a kind way & said ‘I have one daughter & you’re the son I wish I had, come talk to me if you want to.’





Sam found herself walking down the street in an unknown territory, even this is new to her, & then asked herself what was she doing?! She is wandering in the streets looking for a man she doesn’t even know! What will she tell him?! What will he think of her?! What if he’s married?! What if he got other sexual preferences & he’s not into women?! She said she’d ask him for his number & then send him this little clip from the movie of (PS: I Love You) where Lisa Kurdow is in a bar & asks guys if they are married, work & whether or not they are into women!

She was just about to return from where she came, when she saw him beside an old woman in a construction site, he was working on something, & it was like she’s giving him orders & directions, & there were some other men working too.

She walked till she was on the site, stood next to Helen & looked at her,  & said again the word that made him crazy about her in the same tone ‘Hello, am Sam, I work in a nearby cafe.’ She shook her hand with Helen.

Helen smiled in a motherly fashion ‘Am Helen the boss around here, nice to meet you.’

When Helen left them, Samantha looked to Sam & there’s a rainbow of things on his face & in his eyes (Happiness, anger, defeat, victory & interest).

She smiled shyly, searched her bag, & then handed him the rest of his money ‘You forgot to take them the other day or maybe to be more accurate where you didn’t even wait to take them.’

Their hands touched, & his were the roughest, & most manly hands that ever touched her hands or skin, he was terrifyingly handsome, manly & call her a fool , she felt that he’s a good man too!

She was looking at him as if her whole universe was centred on him & as if her fate lies within his hands.

‘Thanks, there’s no need.’ He said in a breathless tone ‘You see that isn’t a place to invite a fine lady like you to, maybe we can have some coffee someday at your place if your boss doesn’t mind, would that be okay with you?!

She looked around her, everything was a disaster, they’re working on something big around here, but they’re at the very beginning, & the men seemed exhausted from hard labour, he was like a total mess, but still handsome.

‘My place is fine, I’d like that.’ she said, she didn’t want to drive him away by telling him that she owns a portion of the cafe.

‘Your place would be fine.’ He repeated after her, they then shook hands this time a little longer, while they kept gazing in each other’s eyes & with that both of them went back to their work happily. They knew something beautiful had just blossomed between the two of them & they were both eager to see where will it lead them to.


Helen stood looking at them from afar, happy that Sam had found something that would make him look forward to life, something to call his own, & make his heart content.


She prayed it doesn’t break his heart.

Her Man…

Nina Abebi Ola was saying this to herself as she’s thinking ‘Whatever way he looked he’s her man; hers alone, no one on earth will share this man with her, he is her own ALFRED HITCHCOCK, he belongs to her alone!’

How many years had they spent with each other 25yrs, & she’s 23yrs when they met & he’s 25yrs her senior! He wasn’t handsome, nothing remarkable about his looks, except kind & assuring eyes, he’s over weight, somehow short, he wouldn’t have caught any woman’s eyes, and the only magnificent thing about him back then was that he’s insanely rich!

Unlike him she’s one hell of a woman, charming, sexy, witty, breathtakingly beautiful & of course insanely poor! She didn’t fall for his wealth, the glamour & air around him, it was his kindness, life is tough for many men & women in Lagos-Nigeria, & she’s ensepulchered in poverty. When she met him she’s working at one of the very lively & expensive night clubs in Lagos, she remembers what the man who runs the night club told her when she approached him to work at the place ‘Dressed & fed poorly, very thin shape, but you got the looks after a little bit of polishing you gonna rock this place.’

& that’s it, after few weeks, many clients had begun to hover over the place just to get a sight of her, & she never did anything but smile, sweet talk, a silly joke here & there & that seemed enough; they all be became hooked & addicted to her.

Someone must have told him of her, he came every night then requested from her manager that she exclusively serves him, she wondered what would he ask her to do, nothing, he never even ordered drinks, or even talked to her! He just sat there watched everyone & by the time left; he’d always leave huge tips, large sums of money. With those tips & her salary she managed to take her whole family from the slum, rented a better house, enrolled her three siblings into school, & finally brought a maid to her ailing mother, no more working as a maid herself (her mother) at multiple house to barley feed them, finally someone is working for her.

One night after he arrived at the club, he’s just there for few minutes he gave her a business card then said ‘ Come to this address at 10 am wearing decent cloth, not your show business vulgar dresses, dress like a business woman or a university girl, wear something nice & decent.’  With that he’s gone  leaving her another big tip!

She took the night off, told the manager she needs to do something, went shopping & bought some fine cloth, makeup, perfume, shoes, some gifts for the rest of the family & lots of food, vegetables, fruits & chocolates.


When she arrived at the address she thought it will be a nice office or at worst it will be an apartment & then he’ll ask her to do some crazy stuff, then she’d tell him that she isn’t that kind of a girl, & if he asks her why had she come then if she isn’t that kind of a girl, she’ll tell him ‘To see why you’re giving me all those tips all those past months & finally reveal you for the kind of man you’re ‘An ugly looking fat sex maniac.’

But this was the biggest corporation that she’d ever seen, she never seen one in real life, just on the screen, the only job she did was that at the club! She went in, a security man asked for her identity card & once he’s seen it he informed her that she can go, a middle aged lady took her to Mr. Charles Ola, once she’s in his office he asked her to have a seat, then smiled saying ‘Nina am not  a saint, but I want to save you, I don’t work in the shit they call ‘Aid/humanitarian work’ where they do nothing but receive billions of dollars falsely claiming to aid the poor that then ends in the pockets & bank accounts of the ‘Big  Corrupt Beasts/Wolves’ & their boys & girls who entertain them or the likes of them, but I’m a man with an insight, experience,  intuition, & my gut tells me that this club is very wrong for you, you aren’t that type of girl.’

She’s speechless & all that she could do is look at him with her wide beautiful eyes & then he continued saying ‘ From tonight there’s no going to that club, & you can give Mrs. Mary Ann your new address, a car will fetch you in the morning to your new job.’

Then he added ‘The only person I can trust you with is Mary, so in the coming months she’ll be mentoring you, I’ve also enrolled you at the university, you will earn a degree, work hard, & have a better life, what do you say?!’

She didn’t know what to say, tears falling from her eyes as if the sky has rained suddenly, the only word she managed to utter was ‘Why?’

He looked at her & she saw something very strange something she never saw at the night club (Desire, interest & something else she couldn’t name), he said icily to her ‘Grab & exploit the opportunity, an ugly old man has just offered you your only ticket out of poverty & all that you can say is why?! If am you, I’d thank the lord & start doing as I’m asked.’

He then went on saying ‘Tell me you didn’t think the address was either for a hotel room, apartment or my villa & that I’ll be asking you to take me into your arms?!’ then with a much colder tone he added ‘Am not that kind of man!’

‘You see Nina when I want a woman in my bed I say it straightforward, I don’t make a fuss, & guess what they don’t care about the looks, my weight or even smell if I have one,  they just through themselves in my arms all for the money!’

He stood up, helped her up & took her hands, held them while looking in her eyes ‘That club isn’t for girls like you & if you don’t do as am telling you, I’ll  pick that phone right now ask Danny the manager to fire you, & then tell me how will you pay for the new apartment, the school for your siblings & everything else, I know a lot about you, & I’ve your interest in my heart, will you help me help you?!’

Her voice shaking, as a domesticated obedient student would say to the principal or teacher she said ‘I’ll be here first thing in the morning.’


That’s how she started working for Charles, working & going to university, he’s always kind & a gentleman in regards to everything that involved her, she became his personal assistant, he taught her a lot of things, in business, life & in nearly everything,  he kept his distance, always polite, decent & cold!

Till he invited her to dinner one night, when she turned 25yrs & he throw her a birthday party, brought various gifts for her & then as they were sitting in peace watching the dancers around them, listening to the music, he spoke breathlessly & in a very shaky voice for the first time since she saw him ‘Nina would you marry me?’

This time she didn’t do like she did when he offered her the job she said ‘Yes’ right away.


It was the very best thing she did, three sons, a life that she’d never imagined that she’ll have, she didn’t even dare to dream she’ll even have one like this even in her wildest dreams! He’d even taken care of all of her family, he helped everyone of them stand on their feet & fight for a better life, which they all got, everything was fine till with her female radar she sensed something is wrong with him, he took another room, started dying his hair, exercising, spending most of his time outside, if he’s working on making her jealous, well it’s working & she’s going out of her mind!


She didn’t eat her breakfast, instead waited for him to join her, & spent time turning the pages of various magazines, & listening to music, when he finally joined her, he looked very different & her heart sank.

‘What’s this?’ she said

‘What honey?’ he said

‘Your face & what the hell have you done to your glasses? Doctor’s orders are; you don’t do anything without them!’ She said, her loud voice shaking the walls of the entire house.

‘Being young is great for you, you got nothing to worry about for now, but am getting very old & being wealthy works miracles for us baby, we need to spend the money & let those miserable beauty/cosmetic surgery guys be able to feed themselves!  I made a small surgery both for my eyes & face.’  He said in a sarcastic tone.

She looked at him, stood up & said threateningly ‘Charles Ola you better watch out for yourself, because I smell something stinky going on here & if there’s another woman, guess what?! Third world war is what you’ll get baby!’

He laughed loudly & deeply ‘Am really liking this, this woman still loves this old  obese man after all those years, am going to send a bonus for that doctor again, he deserves it!’

He stood up & took her in his arms ‘There’s & there’ll never be another woman, I got more than what I asked for, a good woman & three wonderful sons, I didn’t want you to feel like you’re dragging your grandfather beside you whenever we join other folks, I want you to be proud of me.’

She took his face in her hands, gave him a long deep kiss & then said ‘Don’t you ever listen to those crazy people Charles on TV, internet, radio, papers, media or anywhere else, I love you just the way you’re, you’ll always be the finest man for me, nobody no matter how good looking they’re will be or is like you, & if you become unable to walk, I’ll be pushing you around in wheelchair to everywhere  I go, shouting to every woman ‘this great man is mine, he’s taken, he’s with a crazy woman & if you care for safety –Stay away’, I’ll be loving you till death do us apart & I’ll be loving you in my grave!’

Then she added devilishly ‘& am turning that room of yours into a gym  room for us & the boys & no more sleeping alone there you hear me!’

He laughed & raised his hand to his forehead saying ‘Yes commander!’

They hugged tightly laughing & crying joyfully thanking their lord for making them find one another.