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Terrorism in the West & East

After each devastating terror attack in the  West the commentator or states spokesperson will yell furiously ‘It’s an attack on our way of life, we should not give in, we’ll continue leading our lives in the same manner.’

Terrorists harvest souls, shed blood and destroy nations and at each crime scene and stage they are leaving a wide range of contradicting messages!

Those terror attacks in the West did target numerous times musical concerts, cafe’s, beaches and many entertaining destinations. What are their aims?  Obscenity, low forms of art and vulgarity isn’t what had led you to enlightenment, inventing and the industrial revolution that made you the most wealthy and advanced than the rest of the world?!

While in the East you’ll notice that those attacks may target vital categories, groups and industries that do and can play a role in the economies of those targeted societies.

In India a terrorist attack happened to the ‘Taj Mahal Palace Hotel’.

If we take for example the Russian plane explosion in Egypt and beach resort attack n Tunisia both were aimed at the tourism industry, as if terrorist were sending a message saying such nakedness isn’t part of our way of life as Muslim nations, and say goodbye to the income that is generated from that sector.

Another category that have been the target of terrorist in the East is university graduates you can see this both in Kenya and Somalia, then in Nigeria they abducted hundreds of school girls, as if the terrorists are saying you don’t deserve enlightenment and building a bright future, go back to the cave age and backward way of living.

Also many cultural, antiquities  and heritage sites had been destroyed by terrorist, as if they are erasing the past of many nations in the East.

Mosques had been also under attack, and non Muslim places of worship also, a number of mosques and non Muslim places of worship had been blown up in some Arab countries. Graves of Sufi figures across the Muslim world had not escaped this, and were destroyed by terrorists.

Am not making light of the great tragedy of the loss of innocent lives and the unprecedented levels destruction taking place, my aim is to analyze what this death cult is doing across the world.


الشباب، كبار السن، و الارهاب

لو نظرت الى عالم التويتر و خاصة فى الدول التى يكثر فيها شباب خصوصا بالعالم الاسلامى،  ترى عالم التويتر ربما يمثل الواقع المؤلم لتلك المناطق؛  كبار سن و كهول يعملون ريتويت لاصدقاءهم الكهول

كما لا وظائف فان لا حياة للشباب، خصوصا فى مواقع التأثير، النفوذ و صنع القرار، و من يملك أذن المسؤول الكهل، كهل اخر،   الكهول يسوقون لبعضهم البعض فى عالم التويتر،  شخصيات،  أسماء،  و  وجوه عفا عنها و عليها  الدهر، و كانت تأكل من موائد السلطة لعقود مازالت هى المتحكمة

لنفكر قليلا

Numbers & Stories

“She’s the number?  Citizen in country X

Appearing on the news as a story in a terror attack

Later on becoming the survivor 

Finally to appear again on news as a STORY,

the survivor who had survived the dangers of terrorism,

but another FIGURE who oddly died in a car accident in a peaceful country!”

For your country you are merely a number

They want to brag about

Alongside ‘MEGA NATIONS’

With 1.5 Billion citizens

Just to say hey ‘Look, we too, we’re billions!’

For a news man or woman

You’re just another story

Increasing their viewers


Keeping them under the spot!