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 Malaysian Development Model: What Lessons Can Africa Learn

 (I joined the most shitty/disgusting/traumatic/painful/inhumane training to hone my skills in writing & folks there + countries behind them thought I needed a training on how TO FUCK!)

I’s disrespected, picked on, mocked, laughed at, everyone just invented fake stories, did the most inhumane/disgusting/absurd acts to make my time there hell, & most of all FAIL.

Am not the PICKUP lady! (You know the pickup lady)


Is it my destiny to be played with all my life & that my whole life is destroyed by MUSLIMS & NON-MUSLIMS?!





Prepared by: Samia Hassan

March, 2014


Africa is a very resourceful continent, very rich in many resources; to the point that the former colonial powers which colonized the continent came back to extract the abundant resources and untapped fountain of resources that is not fully utilized by its own inhibitants”Africans”, masses of individuals who were from the former colonies that colonized Africa had migrated again to resettle in the continent and find job opportunities that their own countries Western couldn’t provide for them, they managed to find jobs in Africa which had failed to do the same thing for its own citizens!

We must not skip and ignore the reality and tragedy that so many African youth are so willing to escape the harsh living conditions in Africa and die in thousands to become prisoners in refugee camps in foreigner countries, who may or may not accept them as refugees, when Africans can’t find jobs in their countries, the former colonizers had found many without facing any hardships,  but all this have not yet convinced the people of Africa to take a step and rediscover, and explore the continent; and hence it was left to be forever described as place of disease, wars , genocides, illiteracy, famine and poverty.

There are so many countries which lack the same abundant resources that are available within Africa, which faced the same colonial background, no much aid from developed world in regards to undertaking serious development projects that can improve the lives of millions in the continent and to make significant contributions that can lead to tangible shifts in the quality of live within the continent.

In the following pages I will take one country that have made a gigantic leap from humble conditions in both (Economy, Education, Health, Infrastructure,etc.) to becoming an example set for many countries that seek to have better and brighter future to its citizens.

I will try to highlight what Malaysia had done differently to become what it has become.

What Was The Worst Thing Done To You As A Female?!

I can write books as an answer to that question.

I’m a woman who had never had in her life any male cheerleader (Papa, friend, boyfriend,  or husband) ,  nothing of the sort for me! Not even a woman has ever come  or showed up for my aid!

Everyone no matter their gender had done their best to destroy me. Nobody has ever helped me, but all worked in unison to bring me down!

I’ve been to hell all my life, & since my childhood have been through so much horrors, but am still on my two feet,  because I have the lord by my side.

Maybe the worst day for one anchor was being called  on air/live ‘A SHAFT/PENIS GRABBER!’

Imagine the president of your country saying that they know so much secrets about you & a friend of yours,  & they will …………,   in a TWEET!


Asians Are The New Black!

In planet America

Where they have taken upon their shoulders putting all bad guys, dictators, & bullies into their places

They fail to do similar task when it comes to their bad ones, bullies, killers & criminals at home

Uncle Sam the cowboy who came riding over his horse to set law & order in the world,

Has failed home!

Why did seeing this remind me of Eric Garner?

Of dad going down,  & as he leaves the world his last words were ‘Can’t Breathe’

A black man that was choked to death by more than 4 men

What is this? Is the white American male a coward who never fights a one to one fight?!

& he must bring his gang to ensure that he wins the fight?!

Why did this Asian make me feel as if he too has become the new black in America?!

As our Asian brother was dragged, beaten & later on comes running like a crazy dude who’s inhaled some sort of bad drugs

I feel the ‘Lady of Liberty’ watching from faraway what’s happening in shock & horror,

Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglas, James Baldwin & all the great sons & daughters of that land saying in one voice:

You make us look far worse than ‘Banana Republics/Failed Nation’, & any other country that is run by dictators, criminals, bullies & mafia.



Did you take drugs?


Did you consume alcohol?


Did you go to parties?


Did you go to beauty salons?


Did you go to weddings?

Went to only one wedding my entire life!

Did you wear your graduation gown?


Did you attend your graduation?


Did you have a lover?


Did you have a boyfriend?


Did you go on dates?


Do you work?


Did you go on travels discovering the world?


Do you have a safety net?


Do you own a car?


Do you own a house?


Do you have enough money in your bank account that makes you feel secure?


Do you feel safe?



Do you have friends?


Do you have anyone whom you can rely on in anything?


Do have anyone whom you can label as ‘Someone Close To You’?


Do you have any health problems?

I had a terrible accident due to violence, bullying, harassment & abuse, so am disabled, have head injuries & other issues.

What had you been doing your entire life?!


Do you live the life of your dreams?





SMART For Goals

SMART is an abbreviation for a set of terms, which we use to measure GOALS, and they are:





T:Time Bound

So let’s make a further breakdown to the SMART For Goals.


S: Know what you want and where are you heading to, for it will make your journey easier. Alice in Wonderland was asked where is she headed to, she mentioned that she got no clue, the cat she was asking for suggestion replies back to her saying; then it doesn’t matter !

Imagine doing the same, how much time, effort, and so many other things will be like a total waste during such journey to ‘I don’t know what GOAL‘?!

Someone smart once said ‘Be you, because everyone else is already taken’, one has got to know who they’re, what they stand for, don’t try to imitate or live another person’s dreams, life & goals. Your goals must be yours & must be a translation for who you are.

M:Goals got to be measurable, from time to time check progress, assess, evaluate & make necessary modifications.

A: Don’t make a very impossible goal that may discourage you from taking action, or a very easy one that might never challenge or motivate you.

R: Your goal as I said must be a translation of  who you are, whether it’s independent/interdependent goal, depending on your culture, point of view & how you see things(For example Cultures like America/Japan) operate from a unique sphere, one may place much emphasis on the person, the other gives the emphasis for the group.

T:They say the beautiful things about dreams is that they don’t have an expiry date, good for them, on the other hand goals are bound to a TIME FRAME, like taking a course or going to university they have a start & an end date.

PS: Portions here were written for a particular assignment for a course.

Excerpt From My Novel

Am afraid the people who already are denying me WORK WILL STEAL MY NOVEL. This did happen more than once, things included in my writing are being discussed here & there, someone today was calling me by the name of one of the male characters in my novel, how can I protect my laptop from SPYWARE?!

My novel is about a male character called ‘Dauwd’,  he is a Muslim soldier in the American Army, people close to him & so on.

‘How many times do I have to repeat myself? I have said million times; I never wanted him to go? This war is not and was never our war!’ His face turned red indicating his irritation.

She began arguing with him feverishly ‘How can you say such a horrendous thing? Many Muslims and non Muslims had suffered severely from this plague called ‘Terrorism and Extremism?!’

‘It is not my fault you never use your brains, that you spend all your day on multiple phony platforms, and in the end think and talk like them!’

‘Like who?’ It was her turn to become extremely upset ‘Remember, you were the one who spent years chasing me to marry you and all of a sudden now I have become of no quality!’

Women & The Boys They Raise

Why when a girl does something odd by the standards set by a patriarchal society, one filled with hatred and prejudice for/towards women and girls, they blame all the ancestral women of that girl/woman on her deeds?!

The deed can be very trivial , but made into a gigantic stuff by the society we have mentioned above, and because the person being accused is simply a woman/girl?

Ever heard Beyonce song ‘If I Were A boy?’,  in one of the lines she says ( And I’d never get confronted for it),  it’s true men do all horrors and we clap our hands for them, and then let them get away with everything!

Why when a woman/girl tells a man about her feelings or that he is handsome she is labelled as ‘Loose’?

Why that same man/boy who labelled that girl as ‘Loose/Nut’ case for expressing her feelings is labelled as ‘Manly/Courageous’ for being able to express himself/feeling or doing whatever he wants?!

I’ve seen many boys/men yelling ‘Am a man/boy’ I can do what I want, where is that written? In the ‘Holy Book or Constitution’?

Oh, speaking about the constitutions/laws, did you know that in some Muslim countries men can walk away with sentences for adultery and women can simply be falsely accused, and the sole witness can be only the husband, she can be be framed because her husband feels so, or because she caught him doing a nasty thing and hence he turned the table against her! So sometimes even the constitution/law can be against women/girls!

Why does a society has double standards, one for girls/women; which in most cases is cruel /unjust , and then kinda of soft/merciful one for men/boys?!

And how did those women who have seen so much injustice, hatred, prejudice, other ill from their societies end raising the men/boys we see everywhere committing many horrors?!

And how did the boy who have seen what his Mama had went through, do all such ill towards other women/girls?! A mama who was/is denied from all her rights, humanity and whom had been subjected to many ill and wrong!

How didn’t he end fighting for women/girls rights, and ended joining the rest of the society in committing human rights violations towards women and girls?!

Women pay attention for the boys/men you’re raising, for they can become the men whom later on many women will be suffering from, same also goes for the world.