Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish. You have to believe in yourself, challenge yourself, and push yourself until the very end; that’s the only way you’ll succeed.

A House in Disarray By:Samiyah J. Hassan

 On the international arena America’s role is unclear, if you were hoping that the domestic sphere will be an exception, you are in for a great disappointment; there is a lot of confusion. There are a lot of speculations on what America is and what it stands for. Let us not forgot that this election results like the British referendum stemmed from the dissatisfaction people had with the political system and elite that failed to solve their problems. People when faced with hardships of any kind punish politicians by turning tables on them. The only means for people to make the government pay for not solving their problems and disappointing them is via elections. During elections promises to relief the burden from the shoulders of those suffering the most will be made. To political parties promises are the vehicle that they ride on their way to sit on the throne. , delivering them is another thing. This leads to questions like: Are the forgotten people who gave their voices hoping to have the tides swinging for their favour satisfied? The most vulnerable people are they now doing better? Watching the political rivalry might be fun for the wealthy, but the people care about having and leading better lives. People are searching for those who will help them in meeting their daily obligations.

Anyone who pays a close look to the American politics will notice unprecedented levels of chaos at the white house; one contradicting statement after the other on nearly every statement given to everyone. The public were told that the president is surrounded by generals who will be able to provide lots of insights for him because he is someone who comes from outside of the world of politics. Nobody seems to believe that the generals had succeeded in their mission, even many politicians within the ruling party had commented in a negative way on the way affairs are managed and executed at the White House. They say that a photo stands for one thousand words; images emerging from the White House via various mediums sends a message to the citizens inside United States and people around the world that everyone in their heart would had preferred doing something else than the job that they are doing now, as if everyone was hijacked to serve in their current post. No harmony among the same team, and one wonders if whether or not they are placing the interest of the people above anything else.

Doing some research on the United States president you will notice that in the past he had some kind of awareness and clear opinion on most of the political issues of the time even if many people at the time did seem to oppose the views expressed by him. The version of the president we have today appears as someone unable to make his mind on most of the issues that are facing America be it on the international or local level. Friends and foes can take advantage of the United States lack of focus. Many players in international arena are each eager to finally have their moment to declare themselves as the greatest power and player on the stage.

Added to the contradictions coming out of the White House is the number of people who were going out from this administration, as if there wasn’t a thoroughly examination of whom are the most qualified people to serve in this administration and are most capable to deliver the agenda of this administration.  The president did state that he came to improve the conditions for those who were not doing well, but then he mentions that he doesn’t want poor people running the government.

John Kelly the chief of staff who could have played a big role ensuring the smooth sail of the presidency ship appears to be learning on the job. With much pain many people had witnessed the presidency ship every time going right into an iceberg and starting unnecessary conflicts everywhere that could drain the mightiest person power, would brought them to their knees and plus creating distractions from completing tasks at hand. Had there been a wise advisor with a mindset of bringing people together, they would have advised on taking another route. If one’s day revolves around conflicts when do they find time to get things done?

Many had been alarmed by the personality of the chief of staff. After managing to stay out of the spotlight, which contributed to painting him as the most able man to bring an aura of professionalism and a sense of direction to the white house, remarks by John Kelly the chief of staff had made many people to develop new perspective about him and question if images portrayed of him were true at all.

Every time the chief of staff spoke he gave shocking statements like ‘Use that sword with the media, and also the way he addressed the widow of a fallen soldier and the mentor of that deceased soldier.’

Make one questions themselves why a military man and a parent who went through the tragedy of losing a son who was serving in the military isn’t capable of being more understanding and kind? In a talk given by John Kelly he stated that men and women who serve the United States are asking to be respected, one have to bring into awareness that people on the other side too need to be taken into regard and be respected as well.

If you had the notion that the chief of staff will lead the internal stage of the white house like a maestro, and will be setting the tone inside it, just by following most news related to the white house such sentiment will be shattered. Are the affairs and the staff inside the white house at the moment managed and handled correctly, is it a functional house? For many outsiders it looks like a house in disarray.

Planet America By: Samiyah J. Hassan


Americans live in a bubble, they are citizens of planet America, and maybe many of them intentionally or unintentionally are blind to what is happening around them. Intentionally they avoid getting involved in what is happening outside of ‘Planet America’; because they think their country has been playing the role of ‘World Cop’ for so long, and the outcome of such entanglement with world affairs have always not been one of positive outcome. Unintentionally they avoid getting involved in what is happening outside of ‘Planet America’; because they think they have so much to deal with at the moment at home, and as they say charity always starts home!

They protest the cards that they had been dealt and never ask themselves how did we get here? They say their elections were a result of ‘White Angry Men’, and we have seen the demonstrations taken by those angry people where innocent had died and where fascist and Nazi sentiments were expressed, we are not making an excuse for anyone, we are analysing the phenomena before our eyes, nobody who got a shred of humanity in their hearts can be with those who carry hate in their hearts and see no evil in eliminating the life of another being. No one can be with that, but what was done to change the hearts and minds of those angry people? They exist, and they live with you in America. If their political choices were based upon economic hardships and also their resentment and hate stemmed from a mixture of economic hardships and confused thoughts be it from their political views or misinterpretations of religion (I have not come a religion or belief that says hate, harm or kill the other), what steps are taken towards solving such an issue?

Not only are our American brothers and sisters’ blind to what is happening outside of ‘Planet America’, they are also ignorant on what is happening inside ‘Planet America’! Many of their fellow citizens are living in poverty that can result in those people being trafficked, more and more people are becoming homeless, the list of sad and catastrophic news is unending, more and more Americans are becoming drug addicts, USA suffers from an ‘ Opioid Crisis’. The ‘New Opium Wars’ is happening inside of America. The ‘Opium Wars’ where one country targeted the population of another country without war and brought them down to their knees via drugs is taking place inside of America, and if citizens of USA were ever crying over that they are seeing less and less of ‘Made in America’, they now have a ‘Made in America’; in drug manufacturing! (Used that in a tweet today)


Think again of the places outside of ‘Planet America’, if those who praise themselves on having inherited an exceptional republic and a ‘Shining City On the Hill’ are under unbelievable kind of agony, what about those who thought they have gained their freedom from their colonizers and fallen into those who are doing ‘Proxy Colonization’ on behalf of their former masters? The evil and ills happening outside of ‘Planet America’ is beyond anyone’s capacity to comprehend. Wars everywhere, people of all ages suffering, billions impoverished, and are under all kinds of hardships and atrocities. Millions of human begins fleeing from suffering within their countries in boats into the waves of uncertainty; not knowing if they will make it alive to the shore and if they reach the shore safely and alive whether they will be welcomed and treated humanely in the countries they have escaped to.


What can one do? Become selfish and self-centred? Remember that injustice and oppression of one person anywhere, is injustice and oppression to everyone everywhere.

Even when you know in your heart that your opponent is evil, take a policy of ‘Do No Evil’ even towards those who have caused you a great deal of suffering, and when faced with a problem, ask yourself what can I do to solve this problem? And always make sure that when you are doing your best to change a very evil situation that you don’t end becoming like your evil opponent.

Yemen Crisis By: Samiyah J. Hassan

 The Fate of Ali Addullah Saleh wasn’t any better than that of Gaddafi, both dictators died in horrific manner.

On March, 2015 the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched a military intervention along its allies in Yemen after fears have risen from how the Houthis were making in the war that broke in Yemen.

The Houthis have seized major areas in Yemen including the Capital, such advances were feared by the Saudi’s. The political turmoil and internal upheavals that was taking place inside Yemen and had escalated into war wasn’t in their interest, and from the point of view of Saudi Authorities could cause negative ramifications to the stability and security of their kingdom. The intervention aim was to halt any undesired outcomes that may arise from the ongoing war. The alliances that the Houthis has made with other powers in the region were also worrisome to the Saudi’s and their alliance.

Similar to the Iraqi army who had left their weaponry to ISIS, Yemeni army left their weaponry to the Houthis after they gained control of major cities in Yemen.

What the Saudi’s and their allies who had intervened in the conflict didn’t take into consideration was the nature of the political, ideological and social aspects within Yemen.

Yemen is dominated by two major religious sectors ‘Alshafi’i’ which represents the majority Sunni’s in Yemen, ‘Zaidi’ which represents the minority of Shiites in Yemen.

An article on ‘Qantara’ states that the people of Yemen lived peacefully alongside each other over the centuries. To the point that religious scholars and historians described the Zaidi’s as ‘Sunni Shiite’, due to their closeness to the Sunni’s, in addition the ‘AlShafi’i’ group is acknowledged as centrist and moderate.  The article also adds that over the centuries their was unwritten division of roles, the minority Zaidi were at the top of the hierarchy of politics and military, where the majority of Shafi’i people went into trade, finance and business, but they were present to a large extent in the bureaucracy body of the government because they were more experienced, educated and cultured.

According to one writer conflict in Yemen is entangled with clan and political interests, where the social is linked with ideology, leading therefore to the appearance of the regional interests. The clan sheikhs don’t accept to be ruled by Hashemites.

Yemen like many countries that had been torn between several powers fighting for dominance and influence in their regions and beyond, had its own share of something similar to proxy wars in the past.

Michael Horton claims that previous interventions of Arabs in Yemen didn’t end well and had left those who had intervened in Yemen defeated as he mentions ‘Yemen is an abyss for invaders.’  He goes on to say that Yemen had revealed the weakness of those leading the current intervention in Yemen to their opponents. The continuation of the war has not only had negative consequences on Yemen, its people but also on all the groups that are engaged in this war.

Several groups are fighting over power in Yemen with each side having their own international allies, and the major losers in this war are the people of Yemen.

As many have mentioned the objectives of this war if it was to weaken the Houthis wasn’t achieved and instead has led to a great suffering, catastrophe and destruction. The condition of the people of Yemen had worsened, and the scale of human suffering and had dire consequences of the war on the civilian population is something that requires from all those who are engaged in this war to find means to alleviate this from over the innocent people. Vast number of lethal illnesses erupted in the country, people went into starvation, and shortages of food, water and medicine were reported nationwide. News outlets, reports and articles indicate that Yemen is on the brink of famine.

Yemen problems in the past were not only limited to the political instability, but it was also lagging behind most countries economically and suffers from water shortages; it is forecasted that Yemen will be one of the first countries in the world to run out of water in the near future. After the war the country has slid further into a humanitarian disaster and the ones who have paid the highest price for the continuation of the war are the innocent citizens.

The major questions now are: What does the future hold for Yemen? How can this war be ended without further destruction of Yemen and suffering of Yemini people?


















The Office Girl

Samiyah J. Hassan




(Submitted under a different name as an assignment and will be added to a novel am working on, and had been submitted to another publication)


The Office Girl

The following filled her head as Mr. Evil stood before her

Before you demand from others respect, make sure you aren’t treating them as a doormat or a low life,

How you treat others comes around,

For every evil you do to others KARMA is at your tails.

If you do all sorts of evil/horror/harm/abuse plus putting innocent souls through hell,


‘My son has broken his shoulder.’ The ugliest and most evil voice on planet said!

She then remembered when a foreigner visited them to check how was that branch of company was doing and him saying ‘See how she behaves, scared and confused, last night we went in middle of night to her house and woken her from her sleep, then I told her in your countries you torture us, here we do the same to you, if I don’t get what I want you will disappear.’ Her skin crawled, what kind of person talks like this and this foreigner what kind of human is she? What kind of place and people are they? She will do her best to find another job elsewhere, she is very unlike anyone here even when it comes to the entire country, she has no idea what is this all about? Why all are like this and behave in such manner. Everyone plus his country were unlike any decent thing or human that she has ever known. It was a jungle and they were cannibals above the law who had tailored laws that gives them all rights and strips all those who weren’t as powerful and evil as the rest of all their rights. Bye bye to human rights here.

When your oppressor and the evil creature who is behind all the horrors that happens to you, the lost soul that does all sorts of ill towards you shares such tales with you, you can’t GLOAT. We all pray karma makes all those who had turned our entire world upside down, the vicious souls that had ruined everything for us, the misguided souls whom had done evil to us pay for their atrocities against us, but wish no ill on those who have not wronged you, for even enmity has got ETHICS, differentiate between the OGRE and an innocent powerless child who have not harmed you.

Although Gandhi had said an eye for an eye will leave the world blind, and also Jesus had asked his followers and believers TO LOVE THEIR ENEMY, and most other religious and spiritual figures demanded the same from their believers and followers, this seems like so much to ask from those who had suffered so much, the innocent whom were oppressed and tortured by heartless heinous villains who have no faith, humanity or an ounce of shame that prevents them from putting the innocent through suffering and torture.

Some of those who went through suffering, misfortune, torture, endured so much pain and lost everything are unable to comprehend what they went through, and most of times keep asking the following question over and over again: GOD WHY ME?! WHEN WILL THIS END?!

She made sincere prayers for the kid and went on doing her tasks, everything is tough and this was another test from the lord.

Sometimes she wonders why had life chosen to deal her the tough, wrong, evil and hard cards?!  Maybe as much as she suffered in life, life has in store for her an enormous gift, one so great that it will make her forget all what she had went through her entire life.

Then she remembers ‘God never places upon your shoulder a burden he knows you’ll unable to carry.’ Every one of us gets a test from God equivalent to their ability and strength, he tests the chosen ones, the ones whom he loves the most among us with the mightiest tests like he did with our beloved prophets and messengers. We try with our very little and limited strength and patience to score an ‘A+’ in the lord’s quizzes. People pray that their life becomes blessed one free from suffering, pain, and unpleasant tests, because even prophets and messengers asked the lord to give them a life with less tough tests and free from hardships.

In spite of what others think of you, what you think of yourself is what matters the most. The boss sees her as ‘A Femme Fatale ‘ , who comes to the working place to seduce the average looking unsexy male colleagues, but truth is; she arrives every morning to earn her bread and make a living. Let them think what they think, KARMA is at the corner! Even if one is faithless there is this believe deep down in everyone’s hard ‘What goes around does come around’, the evil and suffering you place over the innocent will come back to you multiplied. Live your life by the following ‘Never do evil to anyone.’

She feels that she is an officer in the military and a religious clergy woman; she is so assertive and keeps her eyes focused on moving things as per the plan and strategy, she has no surprises in store for anyone and she hates being taken by a surprise! She loves everything to go according to the plan, she adores order and hates CHAOS! A life that is only about managing crisis after crisis is one that one should work on avoiding, enemies of all kinds who know how powerful and mighty you are will work into getting you into evil plots of all kinds, becoming the superior person is what they dread the most, they want you to live in their shadow and on the crumbs of bread that falls from their tables.


She told her closest friend of what the boss thinks of her, and his constant bizarre behaviour of faking high moral and religious attitude while truth is that he void of such qualities and attributes, she just laughed so hard and said ‘Wish he knows that most of your friends have turned their backs on you because you aren’t that much entertaining, they find you very predictable and what they want is a magician who keeps delivering them surprise after surprise!’

‘That’s not what he thinks, he thinks am Rita Hayworth or Marilyn Monroe!’ She said in great fury.

‘I don’t know when was the last time I used an eyeliner or applied a lipstick?! She was almost yelling then added ‘And now he wants me to tailor special big gowns for work, if he is that religious why doesn’t he act in a humane civilized manner?!’ She did seem annoyed and troubled by the kind of people that surround her and by her lack of many options.

She then added ‘I bet he has sent everyone around him to a psychiatrist, his problem is that till now he hadn’t found someone who draws a red line for him on what is the do and don’ts on how to treat human begins, he is a cowardly vicious unpleasant bully, a psychopath and sociopath that commits all horrors without any regret or remorse, and then blames his victims and accuses them of all the evil that he has committed.’

‘Resign dear, you don’t seem like the girl I knew, and now you are talking just like a psychologist and psychiatrist, never let evil people win, be firm and don’t fulfil their wish to bring you down!’ Mary said to her.

‘I need the work and the money.’ She told her.

‘This is the job number what where the boss puts you through all kinds of horrors and atrocities, what is wrong with men?!’ She asked her then added ‘I think he’s having a mid life crisis and is probably in a boring marriage and he’s praying for his own ‘Sharon Stone’ somewhat, but that is not our problem, never make excuses for the evil and criminality of psychopaths and sociopaths, how on earth did such people make it to the top with all such deadly flaws and yet maintain to stay there for so long?!’

‘I don’t know.’

She then asked her which movie of hers does she think he had watched and in one voice the two of them said in unison ‘Basic Instinct’ and then they giggled for a long time so hard that their eyes were filled with tears, her friend assured her that she is a great soul and that lord and her guarding angels will protect her from all evil!


و أنهزم الحب


قال ماجد لأبيه ذات يوم:

 يروى ان هتلر كان يريد ان يصبح رساما، تخيلوا لو ان الجميع وقف معه حتى يصبح رساما لجنبنا هذا العالم الكثير من الويلات و الفظائع، كم من الارواح لأنقذنا، كم من الشباب، الكهول، الأطفال، النساء، الشابات، الأطفال، البلدات، المدن، لأنقذنا الجميع فقط لو حققنا له تلك الأمنية!  رجل كان يريد ان يصبح رساما كيف أضحى سفاحا يدمر العالم و يزهق الكثير من الأنفس؟

غريب حال هذا العالم،  بوش الأمريكى الذى أزهق الملايين من الأرواح، غير خارطة العالم، و جعل الجميع أعداء، و زرع و بث الكره، الفتن و  البغضاء بين الكثير من الشعوب و الأمم، و شرد، و أباد بشرا و محى بلادا،  و دمر مدينة تلو الأخرى أصبح الآن رساما بعدما حرق الأخضر و اليابس فى هذا العالم! أحيانا الكثير من الأحداث و الصراعات فى العالم  تجعل الحليم حيران، و عقل الراشد و نفسه منها تتألم. لم يقف العالم مع هتلر حينما أراد ان يصبح رساما، لكان فى قراره بان يشن الحرب على العالم، و فى ان يقتل الملايين من البشر وقف الكثير معه!

أكتفى أبيه بالتفكر في كلمات أبنه، الله محبة، لا بوش و لا هتلر بالنسبة له ليس مسيحينا صالحين. و لقد سمع مرارا عن بوش انه كان شابا متخبط، ثم بعدها فى نهايات العمر ذهب فيما يشبه صحوة دينية متشددة، أين ذلك الرجل المسمى بوش أو هتلر من المسيح القائل (أحبوا أعدائكم، و على الأرض السلام و بالناس المسرة، و من صفعك على خدك الأيمن أعطه خدك الأيسر)، المسيح منه و ممن على شاكلته براء.

ماجد مرزوق كان مثال الشاب الخلوق، كريم الأصل، طيب المنبت، بجانب أخلاقه، كرمه، شهامته، و مرؤته كان ملائكى الجمال، كل ما فيه يبعث على البهجة و السرور. كان ماجد وحيد أبيه، يملىء عليه حياته، و كان له سند و عكاز يتكىء عليه فى بلدتهم الصغيرة بسوريا. كانا يملكان متجر صغير، متجرهما كان المفضل لمعظم زبائن و سكان المنطقة.

ماجد كان ثوريا بطبعه، و الأحداث المحيطة به من ظلم فى الاحوال المعيشية، الاعتقالات التعسفية، بطالة الشباب، الفساد الذى أفقر البلاد و العباد كل ذلك جعل ماجد غير واثق بالمرة باى من الذين فى السلطة. كان دائما يردد لأبيه السؤال التالى: كيف تثق الحملان فى ان يرعاها ذئاب؟ الكل يتربح من منصبه، قلة ان وجدت فقط تبالى بمصائب البلد و البشر.

بعد اندلاع الحرب فكر هو و ابيه كثيرا فى مغادرة البلاد، لكان أبيه أصر على عدم المغادرة و البقاء مع من بقى من معارفهم.

ألح ماجد على أبيه تكرارا ان الاوضاع الحالية غير الامنة قد سمحت لهم بالتقدم للهجرة و اللجوء بعيدا عن الحال السىء للبلد، لكن هيهات ان يعدل والده عن رأيه.

ماجد كان يخوض يوميا صراعا داخليا بين البقاء مع أبيه و الرحيل بعيدا. كان كل شىء فى بلدتهم الصغيرة بالنسبة لماجد فى حالة موات، تكرار دائم لكل شىء، ما حدث أمس هو الذى سوف يحدث غدا و بعد غد، لا جديد فى تلك البلدة، نفس الوجوه، نفس الحكايا، كل ذلك الروتين الملل الخانق و غيرها من الاشياء دفعا ماجد الى الرغبة الشديدة فى الانفصال النهائى عن ذلك المكان الملىء بالظلم، الذى سرق منه و من الكثير من أمثاله أجمل أيام العمر. كان العالم يتحرك حوله، وحدها بلدتهم و أناس بلدته الذين لا يتقدمون!

الكنسية الصغيرة التى كان يتردد عليها مسيحى البلدة الصغيرة دمرت، و كذلك أغلب المساجد، بات الكثير الآن يصلون فى منازلهم. الكثير من الضربات الجوية و القصف المتكرر الذى كان يراد منه النيل من طرف ما دون الاخر لم تفرق بين دور عبادة لمسلم أو لمسيحى ،و كذلك أستهدفت الكثير من المدنيين و بيوتهم. تطوع الباقيين فى بلدة ماجد و أبيه لمساعدة المحاصرين فى مدنهم الذين كانوا بحاجة شديدة للماء، الغذاء و الدواء، لم يكن باستطاعتهم فعل الكثير، لكن ضمائرهم و أنسانيتهم لم تسمح بان يقفوا مكتوفى الأيدى بينما أبناء وطنهم يعانون أسوء أنواع المعاناة. لقد شاركوا مرات عدة من أنتشلاء الكثير من الناجين من تحت أنقاض المنازل المهدمة.كان كل ناجى من بين أولئك الضحايا و الاخرين الذين ينقذون عن طريق أمدادهم بالماء، الغذاء و الدواء نصر يومى كبير له، و لأبيه و غيرهم من الذين يقدمون الخدمات الأنسانية. أنه شعور و منظر لا يمكن وصفه؛ ان تنقذ أحدهم من موت محقق يتربص به، لا تستطيع ان تمحو من ذاكراتك مدى الحياة ذلك المشهد(ان تكون السبب فى أنقاذ روح).

تغير الحال منذ ان بدأت الحرب، تغير كل شىء من سىء الى أسوء، الكثير من البشر نزحوا و فروا لأماكن آمنة، و الكثير من المدن و البلدات لم يعد لها وجود. سوق سوريا التاريخى أصبح فى خبر كان. نهبت الآثار و دمرت. كان كل ما تتعرض له البلاد، و الدمار، الجرحى، و الحالات الانسانية و الاوضاع المؤسفة من جراء الحرب يدمى قلب ماجد، أبيه و جميع سكان بلدته.

أبيه و حبه العميق لفاتن هما السبب وراء بقاؤه فى تلك البلدة التى يمقتها. كانت فاتن و أسرتها يديرون ملجأ أصبح بعد الحرب يأوى بعض الأسر التى باتت بلا مأوى من جراء الحرب، و أسر أخرى ذهبت لتعيش فى الملجأ بعض ان أفقرتهم الحرب، و محت منازلهم من الوجود. كانت فاتن فاتنة، و ملاك يمشى و يعيش بين البشر، لا يتذكر ماجد أنه منذ ان رأها تبادلا أى نوع من الكلام، كان أقصى ما بينهما نظرات و أبتسامة، أبتسامة تجعله لا يتكلم طوال اليوم. كان أبيه عندما يراه فى أى يوم قليل الكلام يقول مازحا: النهاردة كان يوم فاتن؟ فينظر له ماجد نظرة معاتبة خفيفة ثم ينصرف الى ما يقوم به من مهام حتى يتجنب أى أحراج.

كان يتساءل دوما كيف سوف يكون وقع الخبر على أبيه ان فطن ان أبنه يحب فتاة من ديانة أخرى؟ فاتن كانت لها مكانة خاصة فى قلب أبيه و قلبه، كان يخبره أنها تذكره بوالدته، و أنها كان لها نفس تأثير فاتن على جميع المحيطين بها، و مثلها تماما، كانت محبة و مبادرة لفعل الخير. قال أبيه أنه من شدة وقارها،جديتها، صرامتها و ألتزامها تذكره برهبات الدير!

والد ماجد كان مسيحيا شديد الالتزام، معتزا بديانته، و لا يحمل أى عداء من أى نوع تجاه غالبية أبناء بلدته المسلمين.

قال له أبيه ذات يوم بعدما أنصرفت فاتن و هو غارق فى التفكير ’اخر شىء أريده فى هذا العالم أن ينفطر قلبك لأنك تعلقت بالمستحيل.‘

ماجد لم ينظر الى أبيه مطلقا لأنه يدرك تماما عن أى شىء يتحدث’السيد مرزوق، حكيم و فيلسوف بلدتنا.‘


من جانبها كانت فاتن تتساءل دوما عن تصرفات ماجد تجاهها. أهتمامه بها كان لا يمكن ان تخطئه عين حتى لو تجنب خوض أى حديث معها، أو تظاهر أنه لم يراها.

كانت كلما تملكها أى شعور أنه قديكون غارقا فى حبها يجعلها تشعر بقلق بالغ، ثم ما تلبث ان تفعل الشىء الوحيد  يساعدها على تجاوز ذلك: الصلاة و أن تدعو الله.


بعد ان أنتهى مرزوق من عمله جلس يفكر فى ذلك التغيير الذى طرأ على ولده، و ان كان لفاتن أى دور فى ذلك. لقد بذل أقصى ما لديه حتى يصبح ماجد رجلا خلوقا، كريما، و يعتمد عليه. رجل يدرك كيف لا يدخل نفسه فى معارك خاسرة، و قد تسبب له ألم. لا يتحمل مرزوق فكرة أن يتألم أبنه بأى طريقة و من أى كان. سوف يفعل ما بوسعه حتى يجنب ولده ان يصاب بخيبة أمل و هو بعد فى ريعان شبابه. يكفى أنه يتألم من عدم أيجاد نوع الحياة الملائم و اللائق به، لن يجعل أحد أخر يسبب له المزيد من الألم، حتى لو كان الأمر يتعلق بان يتحدث مباشرة مع فاتن. حزم مرزوق أمره، سوف يتحدث مع فاتن.


أثناء تناول العشاء لاحظ مرزوق ان ذهن أبنه منصرف الى شىء أخر غير تناول الطعام بحماسة كعادته و الثناء على جودة طهو أبيه.

’لقد طبخت لك طعامك المفضل، لكان كما أرى تبدو غير مهتم بذلك!‘

نظر ماجد الى أبيه مبتسما ’ لا طهو فى هذا العالم يضاهى طهوك، حتى أمى كانت تقول أنها تغار من ذلك.‘

’كانت تقول ذلك حبا، كانت سيدة رائعة، و طاهية ممتازة، لا أدرى ان كنت وفيتها حقها، أما هى فقد كانت أكثر مما كنت أستحق و أتمنى.‘

رأى ماجد تأثر أبيه الشديد كما يحدث فى كل مرة يتم فيها الحديث عن أمه المتوفاة، كى يصرف ذهن أبيه عن أى ألم قال:

’ لقد كان الطعام رائعا كعادتك، و لا يوجد شىء يجعلنى أنصرف عن ملاحظة ذلك.‘


فى اليوم التالى ذهبت فاتن كى تستمتع برؤية النهر الموجود على مشارف البلدة، كانت منطقة مبهجة مليئة بالأشجار و المزارع، كانت من الأشياء الرائعة التى لم تأتى عليها الحرب، الكثير كانوا يمحون مشاهد الحرب، الدمار، القتلى و الجرحى من ذاكراتهم بتأمل بديع صنع الله، وذلك المشهد الربانى شديد الروعة و الخلاب.

كانت غارقة فى أفكارها و لم تلاحظ متى جلس ماجد على مقربة منها، فجاءة تكلم دون سابق أنذار ثم قال:’ لم أكن أنوى أن أحبك، دون سابق أنذار وجدتنى أقع فى حبك. لقد قمت مرارا و تكرارا بمحاربة كل تلك المشاعر لعلمى أنها قد تتسبب بتعاستى و تعاسة أغلى أنسان لدى فى العالم بالأضافة أليك.‘

كانت فاتن تود التظاهر أنها لم تسمع ما كان يقوله ماجد، لقد لمست صدقا فى نبرته، كانت تعلم جيدا أن ردها يجب أن يكون حاسما، كانت عائلته مقربة من أسرتها و تدرك جيدا ان أبيه لن يسمح بهكذا علاقة بينهما.

ردت فاتن بنبرة مفعمة بالمرح بخلاف موجة الأفكار المتضاربة فى رأسها ’ ما نحن فيه حاليا من أوضاع حالية داخل البلد و الصراع المحتدم، و موت والدتك و أنت صغير كل ذلك قد يؤدى الى أختلاط مشاعر المرء، ربما لو تكن تعرضت لأى من تلك الصدامات و الخاسرات التى تعرضت لها لما ظننت لبرهة أنك تكن لى أى من تلك المشاعر.‘ كانت تتجنب النظر اليه.

’ فاتن الجادة،  الحادة و الصارمة، المشكلة أننى أحببتك دائما و كل محاولة لوأد كيف أشعر تجاهك باءت بالفشل.‘

’هل فكرت فى أبيك؟ فى البلدة و أهلها؟ أننا من دين مختلف؟‘

ما ان ذكرت أبيه و ديانته حتى تغيرت ملامح وجهه، نظر لها و قال ’و ما دخل أبى و دينى فى مشاعرى تجاهك؟‘

أحست فاتن بالذعر ليس هذا ماجد مرزوق الخلوق و الطيب، كان فردا اخر.

هبت فجاءة من جلستها و مسرعة قائلة دون أن تلتفت أليه: ’لسنا فى الغرب، و ربما بمرور الوقت سوف تتجاوز أيا من تلك المشاعر. لا أريد خسارتك أنت أو أبيك.‘

لم تترك له فرصة للرد عليها.

مضت أيام و فاتن تتجنب الذهاب الى متجر ماجد و أبيه، و ان أتت كانت تتجنبه.


كان شعورا بلأرتياح يتملك مرزوق فى ان ظنونه ان أبنه يحب فاتن أصبح شيئا من الماضى. و من جانبه هو أيضا ترك موضوع التحدث مع فاتن.


أستمرت الأمور على ما يرام حتى كان يوم ذهب يتفقد فيه ماجد فلم يجده، و وجد خطابا على المنضدة يقول فيه:

’لأنى أحبك كان يجب أن أغادر.‘، بكى مرزوق بكاءا مرا ثم رفع رأسه الى السماء ’يا رب أحفظه و أعده لى سالما.‘


فى مكان ما على الحدود السورية التركية سأل رجل ضخم البنية الأفراد الجدد الذين أنضموا لهم عن أسماءهم و سبب المشاركة فى القتال كان ماجد مرزوق ضمن أولئك الذين أنضموا اليهم كى يصبحوا مقاتلين.

Have You Been Updating Your Soul Lately?

 By: Samiyah J. Hassan

Every now and then the devices that you use send you an alert with the following message:


‘There are important updates that are urgently needed to upgrade your device’, the people behind creating your device made sure that from time to time in order for your device to function and operate effectively and efficiently 100% it must be updated.


In my opinion the soul and the human begin are in desperate need for such care and attention via constantly ‘Updates’ done to them.


Some go for shallow updates, changes made on the surface, they catch the eye, and make everyone talk, and some do whatever they can at whatever cost to remain forever under the spotlight. Their updates involve; making new maintenance for the house, buying furniture or a new home, moving to another state, country, purchasing vehicles, jewellery, makeup, going on vacation, but they neglect the real work; the ‘UPDATES’ that will enable the soul and humans to function in the way they were designed to operate in by their creator. Chase your dreams, do whatever you can ethically and legally to have a live that makes you proud of you, celebrates your humanity and dignity, and never neglect the INSIDE OF YOU.


If the men behind the creation of machines have stated that ‘Updates’ is the name of the game for the full function of such devices, the lord and creator of everything also designed his creations with a more sophisticated form of updates for the soul and humans, so what type of updates have you been doing lately to rejuvenate the soul? Is it real deep work that extends to your core and produce real, last and meaningful transformations or is/was it fake superficial work that is meant to deceive others while hiding lethal flaws that may lead you and others into astray?

Inside you is the greatest temple, work on it and clear it of all mess and chaos, if the temple inside you is in order and beautiful not only will benefit you, but every soul and creature that comes across you, DO THE WORK GIVE IT ALL YOUR MIGHT, DO THE VITAL & NECESSARY UPDATES. DO IT NOW.


The OPPRESSOR, OPPRESSED & “Love of the world ”

The Meaning of Love in Politics

A Letter by Hannah Arendt to James Baldwin

November 21, 1962

 All the characteristics you stress in the Negro people: their beauty, their capacity for joy, their warmth, and their humanity, are well-known characteristics of all oppressed people.  They grow out of suffering and they are the proudest possession of all pariahs.  Unfortunately, they have never survived the hour of liberation by even five minutes.  Hatred and love belong together, and they are both destructive;  you can afford them only in the private and, as a people, only so long as you are not free.