The Man on the Map!

When students talk with me like assignments their talks stay with me. One told me one day: 'Sometimes OVER WATERING your plants kills them!' You look at plants and humans Some might die from excess heat, sun, winds, cold and some might not! Majority of kids are ruined like such humans and plants from TOO... Continue Reading →

There is no god, but Allah the Unique He has fulfilled His Promise, and made Victorious His worshipper, and made Mighty His soldiers

he holy prophet Mohamed صلى الله عليه و سلم was deeply respected, trusted and the people of his era no matter their inclinations had agreed on his numerous attributes and virtues that made him standout from the people of his times. They also trusted in his sound judgments , wisdom and had called upon him... Continue Reading →

افيقوا يرحمكم الله الطامة الكبرى

كل مصيبة يمكن تدراكها, الا المصيبة التى تحل فى الدين و الاسرة, و قد تم انشاء جماعات تغرس  الشذوذ الجنسي فى المجتمعات المسلمة, و هم من داخل المجتمعات الاسلامية و فى الدول الغربية, مثل Yaqeen Institute in USA يغدق عليها بالاموال لخلق جيل ضد تعاليم الاسلام و مبادئه, و الخطر القادم من وراء هولاء أكبر من... Continue Reading →

ملوك و ملكات ارض الانعام

هم  فئة حثالة من البشر, الذرية, و لا الشيخ و لا احد علاقة له بالدين, و الجميع الزوجة رقم الف, حكومات و منظمات لصوص, و من عتاة مجرمى البرية, يتسولون باسم فقراء افريقيا , العرب و العالم فيجمعون الملايين ليعيشوا فى قصور, و ياكلوا و يناموا كالبهائم, و للجماع, و التزوج باكثر من زوجة و... Continue Reading →


Charles Murray who believes in the theory the brains of the black aren't as superior as those of their white counterparts shares a view held by many of the males of his time and those of the modern times 'Women should stay home' because their financial independence had made them in-obedient, and males are finding... Continue Reading →

” مضى عهد النوم “

 واتبع الذين ظلموا ما أترفوا فيه وكانوا مجرمين أمة رجالها لا يقوون على حمل زجاجة ماء, و يستقوون على من فهم هما ايه فعلا, واحد يقول انه ريئس أركان جيش و جسمه, صحته و مخه ليسا سوى مصيدة كى يقع الجميع فى يد الاعداء بعيد كان او قريب, رجل اخر عهده بالدين يوم ولد و اذن ابوه... Continue Reading →

Academic Writing & Studying Rituals

Why do we need academic writing? People engage in academic writing for many reasons, among them: To engage in the ongoing debate that is occurring globally, and have your say in matters that you are interested inTo defend the ideas that you believe inTo enrich the widely available global knowledge and literature that spans from... Continue Reading →

ابو حملات و حبيبه ابو جلابية

اذا اصيبت الامم فى رجالاها و اخلاقها فاقم عليهم ماتما و عويلا, زى ما بعض الدول ابتليت بواحد عديم الرجولة لابس حملات لا يقيم قدسية لاى شىءو كل محرم اصبح حلالا لديه, بعض البلاد ابتليت باشباه رجال البعض منهم معرفش لابس ايه, على مستوى الانجاز لم يحقق شىء سوى انه ياكل, يشرب و جامع امراة... Continue Reading →

Bowel of Soup/Rice!

Long ago in a city of envy, evil, hatred and jealousy two orphan brothers worked, the conditions, environment, compensation and people were beyond horrible. But despite all the odds against them they functioned like an ox turning the wheel of the well; non stop, their only escape and relief from all such evil was prayer... Continue Reading →

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